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These glues are very strong. They are used in real aircraft construction. If you want the strongest flying model, surfboard, or boat hull then this is the place to choose your materials. We have all the necessary components listed below....

Aircraft & Marine Grade Epoxy Resins and Fibres

Fibre composites used in glider construction


General Epoxy Glue & Hardener

Fibreglass - Carbon Fibre
Laminating Resin L & Hardener

Epoxy Gelcoat (White) + HT2W Hardener

The basic glue for all "strength" applications

For either Polyester or Epoxy Glass Fibre resins

Get that perfect glossy white finish of glassed items


Glass Fibre Plain Weave  

Glass Fibre Twill Weave  

Glass Fibre Mat  

For general sporting use, models, surfboards, buggies, etc

Flexible weave for curved objects & moulds

General Industrial use  - eg automotive repair, roofing, shower repair, tank & bath repair, garden pond construction, strengthening damaged structures, etc



Kevlar Aramid Fabric   Carbon-Kevlar Fabric  

Incredibly tough material,
uses for impact resistance

Toughness and lightness combined
excellent for kayak repairs

Carbon Kevlar cloths make
High Performance Products

Carbon Fabric

Basalt Fabric

Fibreglass Tape

Amazing Lightness and Rigidity, the lightest stiffest material for

The benefits of carbon at fibre glass prices

For small jobs, wing joining in models, patching, repairs

Reinforcing tapes & Rovings (CF Twine)

Uni-directional Carbon Tape

Bi-directional weave Carbon Tape

Carbon & Kevlar Rovings

Same direction fibres and strength, low cost tape

Standard carbon tape with anti torsion (twist) strength

Carbon Rovings (twine) &
 Kevlar Rovings Reinforce round objects

Carbon Rod Carbon Tubes Flat Carbon Rod

Kites, Arrow shafts, models

Kites, Arrow shafts, models

Flat carbon rod for sticking onto edges

Also available at Green Hobby:

Tapered Lightweight Carbon Tubes


Honeycomb Kevlar

Precision Polished Flat Carbon Plate
makes into custom carbon car chassis)

    Casting Resins
beige coloured epoxy formulation for "cold casting")


    Mould Making Materials
(formulations suitable either for epoxy casting or
for casting in  low melting temp alloys eg tin/lead)

    PVA Release Agents
saves mould from damage getting casts out)

substitute for marine plywood in fibreglass sandwich  boat construction giving substantial  weight savings)
Very easy to work with -- cuts with a stanley knife!


Green Hobby & Model, the R/C source

38 Clareville Road, Harolds Cross, Dublin 6W
Tel (01) 4928776 , Fax (01) 4979946
Sales Norman or Patrick

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