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Our Favourite Beginners R/C Aircraft

We have commissioned the Daisy design especially for beginners flying in Ireland.

Big 82" wingspan, fibreglass fuselage with white gelcoat, pre-built wings and tail are pre-covered in red oracover,  a fully ARF model with R/C to be fitted, specially designed for Irish weather conditions.


Video -  Click HERE to See it Fly - Flying Daisy (Motor version) from a flat field with long grass for softer landings   


Download the Instruction manual for Daisy Electric/Glider/Aileron Versions

Daisy Motor Version - The Hand launch takeoffs are nicely clear of the ground Motor On and Up In flight ...a sweet flier Daisy-in the glider version
The original bestseller Daisy had the following technical features: pre-built, white epoxy fuselage, pre-covered wings, very light so landing speeds are unusually slow, a complex wing shape and elliptical wing tips reduce height lost when making turns, and helps keep wing tips up away from harm during landings. The fuselage is extremely strong. Unfortunately Daisy standard is no longer available

Daisy Standard was never mass produced. They were made by a retired aeromodelling champion flier who was a great model builder as a retirement part time job for us. But after 12 years of supplying this tremendous model Ivan is not making any more of them!
As a final project we asked for a final batch of extra large Daisy planes
the Daisy Max 2.1Meter .

Perfect moulded fibreglass fuselage of a quality only available in a couple of places worldwide. Ultra light carbon reinforced wing spars. "Eiffel Tower" cross braced wings instead of the cheaper but heavier sheeted wings on most models. All wood parts made from selected fine grained balsa of truly exceptional strength, but still the weight of normal balsa wood.
This plane is a limited offer, and when they are gone they are gone. No sales. No deals. Just the last of a great plane for a very reasonable cost.

Daisy MAX 2.1 can be bought as a ARF- full outfit with the motor speed controller and polarity protect gold-pin plugs all pre-fitted at component cost.
Also included free is a high performance AeroNaut folding 8" x 5" propeller.
You just have to stick in the battery velcro, glue on the tail, and fit the micro servos that come with your radio.

Daisy MAX 2.1M comes packed together with the pre-fitted components and instructions manual in its own box, the 3,4, 6, or 7 channel 35MHz radio control of your choice is supplied in a separate box, fast recharge -specification nicad pack + ML3 charging set, velcro pack, and epoxy glue are also included.
All Green Hobby radio sets sold with Daisy are fitted with micro servos so as to achieve the lightest possible training aircraft.

Daisy MAX 2.1M aileron version is a touch advanced for beginners, but it can be used as a training aircraft if an instructor is present for the 1st couple of flights, or if a flying simulator is used for training at home .
It is certainly a lovely model to have later on when you can fly well.
We recommend a computer radio with Daisy MAX aileron models because this model allows airbrakes and spoilers to be set up with a computer transmitter.

To be honest Daisy Max is not a trainer. It is a really high quality relaxing flyer for people who can already fly and appreciate something nice and smooth to unwind with after flying something crazy. But these qualities makes Daisy Max a perfect trainer . But not a cheap one, just a very very nice one.

       What you receive with each version of Daisy MAX

Pre-made and covered wings, vertical tail and rudder, and flat stabiliser tail and elevator.
An impeccably moulded white gelcoated epoxy fibreglass fuselage, with fitted firewall. This is extremely light and at the same time, very strong.
Cockpit canopy in black.
Fittings bag with control horns, servo connectors, grubscrews, screws, etc
Lightweight control snakes of 0.8mm steel and snake covers for installation in tail .

The glider standard version has a moulded in round glider nose, and no firewall for engine mounting.

The aileron electric version has a straighter, low dihedral, faster airfoil wing design. It has ailerons in the wings.  The ailerons version has extra control horns included for the wing servos in the fittings pack.  This is a 4 micro servo model, and the motor version also has requirement for a speed controller.

When  we receive a special request for a glider aileron version we can usually make up this combination

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