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M.V.V.S. powerful 2-stroke engines
These are powerful engines, make no mistake, they are light in weight with twin ballraces for extra power. Now with the addition of ballraces their performance is unsurpassed by others, and all this at a very reasonable cost. This makes MVVS the choice for experienced modellers and a good idea for learners who are planning to stick with flying model aircraft, and want a reliable, strong engine that will last years.

A special rotation feature of the MVVS S/R type engines allows either side or rear exhaust configuration. Choose side or rear exhaust configuration according to your preference, before you run the engine for the first time.
The engines are produced on modern CNC machines and hand-assembled to obtain best parts fit. Engineering quality at MVVS is something they are proud of.
When new the piston fit may be quite tight, so you must give the engines the running in that is needed. You will be rewarded for your patience.

The fuel for small MVVS engines, is 80% methanol  and 20% castor oil eg GX-5. The small sizes of 2cc up to 4.6cc  prefer castor fuel.
The larger 1.60 and 2.10 glow engines prefer 15% high quality  oil and 5% nitromethane) such as GoGlo Plus -5.
For .40 to.91 sizes use GoGlo Plus Straight (zero nitro) or GoGlo Plus 5  (5% nitro).

The fuel can be have up to 5% Nitromethane for normal use. If you want to use more nitro, the head can be shimmed with an extra gasket in order to lower the compression ratio. But the simple thing is to stick with 5% of nitro which works well. For running-in an MVVs always use Castor fuel such as GX-5. For information on running in correctly click here RUNNING-IN 2-strokes correctly..

For glow plugs use the Novarossi C5 , OS No 8, Model Technics F4 or OS-F. These are all available in good model shops.

MVVS mufflers are tuned mufflers: These are very much like the normal single chamber mufflers, except their volume is tuned to the engine. Back pressure is increased, and power output is increased. We have quiet mufflers with added second muffler chamber  for ultra-quiet operation to as low as 74 dB(A) at 7 meters. The quiet muffler removes the high pitched note from the exhaust sound. it seems to remove every second firing and the sound that remains is very like that of a 4-stroke engine.

Glowfuel - aero engines

 15 / 2.5cc GFS/R-ABC-RC with muffler 69.95

28 / 4.6cc GFS/R-ABC-RC with muffler 79.95

40 / 6.5cc GFS/R-ABC-RC with muffler 85.00

40 / 6.5cc GFS/R-ABC-RC Quickie 500 race+pipe 105.00

45 / 7.5cc GFS/R-ABC-RC with muffler 94.50

50 / 8.0cc GFS/R-ABC-RC with muffler 100.00

60 / 10cc GFS/R-ABC-RC with muffler 119.95

77 / 12.7cc GFS/R-ABC-RC with muffler 140.00

91 / 15cc GFS/R-ABC-RC with muffler 189.95

160 / 26cc GFS/R-ABC-RC with muffler 249.95

Petrol - aero engines

 1.66 / 26cc IFS-RC-W Petrol Aero with Falcon Electronic Ignition System and silencer incl fitted with Walbro carburettor ( see photo right ) 399.00 .

Glowfuel - marine engines

21 / 3.5cc GFS/R-ABC-RC MARINE 99.50

40 / 6.5cc GFS/R-ABC-RC MARINE 129.00

Note: marine engines don't include silencer

SAITO 4-stroke engines