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Radio Control Direct Distribution to Modellers 

Dublin Mountains - Norman's Skyraider

Kilakee Slope - Patrick's Sport Wing

Mail Order … Green Hobby & Model are specialists in mail order of R/C products. Use our website to find the items you need, then contact us and it will be on its way to you within 12 hours. Since our website cannot list every single product we stock.. (think of the spare parts alone - thousands of nuts & bolts, and other small items ).  

You can see more of Norman's personal models (and other stuff) on his own web pages by clicking here ........  go to Norm-Flyer Website

Green Hobby distribute direct to you
We fly model aircraft, race boats & race cars ourselves. We are fussy about the quality of the models we sell. Green Hobby buys from the factory and sell direct .

Green Hobby designs and manufactures special models suitable for ( windy ) Irish weather so our aircraft can take it.

Green Hobby are Importers for AeroNaut, Graupner, Rödel, Carson-Tamiya Cars, Multiplex, Vöster, MVVS engines, Aviation Design, Saito 4-stroke engines, etc

Buy THE RIGHT STUFF at Green Hobby & Model , state of the art RC.

Green Hobby sell the MC-24 12 channel computer Radio Controls, and all of the 7-10ch MC range. We also do the JR MX 12 to MX22 series.

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Green Hobby & Model, the R/C source
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