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Fly, Race & Sail your own Radio Control models!

Let Green Hobby show you how RC works!

In Radio Control (R/C) you can fly your own aircraft, race your own car and sail your own boat! You  control a working scale model that reacts and follows your every wish! If you are interested in mechanics or electronics, you'll appreciate advanced RC model mechanisms - nothing like the little plastic R/C toys you see in the toy shops.
These are high performance, "scale replica" models with high-quality, mechanical working parts.  Whether you want a relaxing pastime or a riveting hot race, there is a full range of R/C land, sea, or air model for you. R/C is not a spectator sport, "YOU" are the driver/pilot/captain! It goes where YOU send it.


Who we are
Greene Engineering started 80 years ago, when Tommy Greene built the first motor bike in Ireland. Tommy raced for the Rudge team for many years as a partner to the great Stanley Woods, and won French & Spanish Grand Prix among many other international races.
Tommy's son Cyril carried on the leisure engineering when he added marine engines & lawnmowers to the range during the 1960s.
Norman is the 3rd Greene generation and introduced hobby engineering for modellers to the business. Norman and Patrick fly model aircraft, & race boats & cars. They are interested in the emerging new electric technology coming out which will eventually replace fossil fuels for all leisure engineering uses. Their latest electric models use this state of the art electric propulsion.


Radio Control Aircraft

 You'll never forget the excitement of your first aircraft takeoff! YOUR aircraft climbs into the sky and YOU are the pilot!
Our DIY airplane kits contain the wood to build it, plus plans, instructions, and accessories.
You build and cover most aircraft kits, but almost-ready-to-fly or ARF model planes have taken over. ARF model airplanes require only a few evenings to assemble.
You need an engine and a radio with 3 or more channels.
The accessories vary from kit to kit, ask us which accessories you will need for your model.
You'll find many R/C airplanes in our model & hobby shop - trainers, cubs, aerobatic and scale planes, fighters, bombers, jets and amphibians!
We strongly urge you learn to fly with an instructor from one of the Irish R/C clubs we are in contact with all over Ireland


Let Green Hobby set you up in  Electric and Nitro Engine Model Cars !
If you are considering getting your first model car...come to Green Hobby & Model. We do RC model cars, pickup trucks for offroad racing, and monster trucks for crazy abuse of motoring power on obstacle courses with jumps etc.

The on-road rally cars are kitted out in genuine WRC sponsors decals absolutely true to life. they can have a electric motor or a nitro or glowfuel piston engine. Green Hobbies has many different model car types to choose from, just call into our model shop in Dublin, or buy direct from our online hobby shop, by far the biggest Ireland based hobbyshop.

There are video clips on our website so you can see what you get from  these advanced model RC cars.

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