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Float Tube Fishing in Ireland

Having a really great time fishing from the world's best floating fishing platform

Float Tube Backpacking

Q. What can you do in a tube that's impossible with a boat?

A. Take a look .....

Rods packed with velcro straps, and rod rest and net tied to tube for a "walk-in" fishing session.

Backpacking straps clipped on for a walk through the woods to the lake

Backpacking the Creek Co's ODC420 float tube.

A Creek Co U-boat with backpack straps fitted.
Now just think a minute about all those mountain lakes too far for a boat, and only ever fished from the shoreline. You know, the lakes where the trout always seem to be rising just a little too far out to reach from the bank ....
Well, backpacking a float tube just might be the answer you never thought possible, until now.