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Float Tube Fishing in Ireland

Having a really great time fishing from the world's best floating fishing platform

Float Tube ( Bellyboat ) Fishing Books


(If out of print some may be available from specialist booksellers)

Tubin' & Toonin'
an electronic (CD) book

Bob Sheedy's Lake Fly
Fishing Strategies -
Bob Sheedy

Lake Fly-fishing Manifesto
2007 ed.  Mike Croft
( Previously Called The Fish-Bum's
  Guide to Catching Larger Trout)

Del Canty's Bellyboat Bible -
Del Canty

Float Tubes, Fly Rods and
Other Essays -
Marv Taylor

Stillwater Presentation -
Denny Rickards

Productive Stillwater Flies
 Mike Andreasen &
Dennis Brakke

Fly Fishing Stillwaters
for Trophy Trout -
Denny Rickards

The  Modern Fundamentals
 of Boatfishing & Floattubing -
Steve Parton

Float Tubing the West -
Marv Taylor

Effective Lake Flies:
A Tubing Guide to
Productive Patterns -
Mike Andreasen &
Allan Ryther

Bob Sheedy's Top 50
Stillwater Fly Patterns -
Bob Sheedy

 Fishing The Mountain Lakes:
 Gary LaFontaine

Fly Fishing Trout Lakes
 Skip Morris
 & Brian Chan

Advanced Lake Fly Fishing:
The Skillful Tuber -
Robert Alley

Float Tube Fly Fishing -
Deke Meyer

Fishing Henrys Lake -
Bill Schiess

Float Tube Magic: A
Fly Fishing Escape -
Patricia Pothier

Passion For Pike:
The Challenge & Mystery
 of Flyfishing for Pike -
Ad Swier

Stillwater Trout -
Various - ed. by John Merwin