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Float Tube Fishing in Ireland

Having a really great time fishing from the world's best floating fishing platform

Float Tube Fishing Articles & Interesting Snippets

Float Tube Flyfishing for Pike in the Burren
( link to http://globalflyfisher.com )

Ad Swier article about Fly Fishing for Pike from a Float Tube in The Burren, in the West of Ireland with flies up to 1 foot long

Floating on Ireland - by Chris McCully
(here with permission from Chris - www.chrismccully.co.uk )

Flyfishing for Pike from Float Tubes at Ballinamore, Ireland

"Outdoor World Mag" Del Canty Interview, Oct 1978

Canty's Float Tube Fly Fishing World Records at  Flaming Gorge

Bobbing Through the Highlands - Allan Liddle
( link to Fish Wild Scotland online magazine )

Allan Liddle goes wild water tubing for trout

Float Tubing on Wild Lochs - Are You Daft Enough?
( link to Fish Wild Scotland online magazine )

Fred Carrie on how he does it and the gear he carries

VIDEO - Flyfishing for Pike from Belly Boats
( youtube trailer of Rudi Heger DVD )

Rudi Heger goes float tube fly fishing for pike

VIDEO - Fly Fishing for Pike with Rudi Heger
( youtube trailer of Rudi Heger DVD )

Take a look at the big pike striking flies in this Rudi Heger video.

Hooked on Tubing (in LA Harbour)
( link to http://articles.latimes.com Los Angeles Times Archive )

Janet Cromley of the LA Times wrote this interesting article about float tube anglers saltwater fishing in Los Angeles Harbour

Toothy Critters: Bite Tippets for Pike Flies
( link to http://globalflyfisher.com )

Henk Verhaar on wire traces here: my pike flies use his method
Henk's Linked Pike Streamer
( link to http://globalflyfisher.com )

Henk Verhaar makes tandem pike streamers for summer pike

Rigging Soft Plastic Baits

Wobbly soft plastic lures, worms, shad & minnows are deadly for predator fish. Here is useful info on how to mount these lures by Bassdozer.

YouTube video to Alan Hanna Fly Fishing for Trout and Pike from a Float Tube in Northern Ireland      (  Click the photo to play the video  )

MUST SEE VIDEO - Tube-Pontoon Safety and air leaks
( link to www.ventureoutdoors.net )

Pontoon maker Venture Outdoors made the ultimate tube  safety video ...  Watch how the bladders still hold air in their ends after he takes an ice pick and later a hunting knife to the toon!

Float Tube Trout Flyfishing in Orkney - Allan Liddle
( link to Fish Wild Scotland online magazine )

Holiday float tube loch fishing in the Scottish Highlands

Spoon Jig Fishing (Spooning)

Spoon jigging with the use of a sonar (for bass) by LT Bama. This is a "must read" article if you have not yet learned how to fish vertically with artificials.

The Bunny Split : Mark Dysinger
( link to http://globalflyfisher.com )

Twin Tailed Zonkers with lots of Pikey Wriggle !

Deal with Midges, Horse Flies (Clegs) & Mosquitoes
(a floattubeireland article )

Don't let the local wildlife spoil your fishing. Here's how to deal with biting bugs and still enjoy your day out in wild places.

Float Tube Fishing Arctic Sweden - Chris McCully
(here with permission from Chris - www.chrismccully.co.uk )

Float Tube Fly Fishing for Pike in Arctic Sweden

Reading Large Lake Series 1 : Shore Topography
(a floattubeireland article )

How to understand what the underlying geology and shoreline topography tell you about fish distribution in large Irish Lakes

Reading Large Lake Series 2 : Effects of Wind
(a floattubeireland article )

How to take Wind Driven Effects into account when looking at fish location in large Irish Loughs

Reading Large Lake Series 3: Lake Zones, Fish Migrations & Location
(a floattubeireland article )

What effect depth and light have on predator and prey fish distribution in Irish Loughs

Reading Large Lake Series 4: Drawdown & The Tidal Zone
(a floattubeireland article )

How water level fluctuations from season to season affect fish location in Irish Loughs

Reading Large Lake Series 5: The Food Shelf
(a floattubeireland article )

Beyond the tidal zone erosion in large lakes lies the weed growing (food shelf) area where provided sunlight penetrates to the bottom fish feed and can be caught

Reading Large Lake Series 6: Feeding Area Hotspots
(a floattubeireland article )

Putting it together for fish location in large lakes. Features within the food shelf that function as feeding areas - hotspots worthy of concentrated fishing effort.

Reading Large Lake Series 7: Underwater Springs
(a floattubeireland article )

Power station hot water outlets are famous for the fishing there, but underwater lake springs are equally good places and most lie unfished

Large lake Series 8: Calm Weather Lake Stratification
(a floattubeireland article )

Thermoclines, emerging thermoclines, turnover, thermometer fish location - due here soon

PODCAST - Denny Rickards on Fly Fishing for trophy Trout on Stillwaters
( link to http://www.askaboutflyfishing.com/ )

Denny has been fishing, guiding and studying trout behaviour for the past 30 years. He's an expert on fish lakes and has developed a selection of suggestive flies that put the trophy trout on the take. Hear about Denny's thoughts on fishing lakes from his float tube.

PODCAST - Denny Rickards Stillwater Presentation
( www.askaboutflyfishing.com/ ))

Denny Rickards is one of the great masters of stillwater fly fishing. He fishes from pontoon boats these days. In this podcast Denny covers trout behaviour, the impact of weather conditions on trout & their food sources, using the correct line, pattern & retrieve that matches the zone you are fishing, positioning to make the right cast & much more.

PODCAST - Mike Andreasen talks to FlyFishRadio
( www.flyfishradio.com/ is offline)

Mike Andreasen's unique views on the world of stillwater float tube fly fishing. Mike talks to Mike and Wylie about some of the materials and flies from his  two books, Effective Lake Flies, and Productive Stillwater Flies.

PODCAST - Dave Scadden talks to FlyFishRadio
( www.flyfishradio.com/ is offline)

Dave Scadden has been pioneering float tube and pontoon boat designs for many years and is responsible for a lot of the crafts that many of us fish from. This interview with Mike Overton and Wylie Thomas shows some of his insights into the developments in inflatable fishing water craft.

PODCAST - Denny Rickards talks to FlyFishRadio
( link to http://www.flyfishradio.com/ is offline)

Denny Rickards the well known float tubing trout fly fisher, guide, and author, talks with Wylie Thomas and Mike Overton from the excellent Fly Fish Radio which is sadly no longer online.

Splayed-A-Live Pike Flies
( link to http://globalflyfisher.com )

Martin Joergensen adapts tarpon streamers into excellent pike flies

VIDEO - Float Tube fishing for Bass (US)
( link to www.fishfever.com )

Jig fishing for bass from belly boat / float tube

VIDEO - Float Tube fishing for Bass (US)
( link to www.fishfever.com )

More jig fishing for bass while tubing

Exploding the "Killer wader" Myth
( link to www.sexyloops.com )

Are chest waders dangerous? No. Urban legends debunked by the author who jumps in the deep end right way up, wrong way up, then flips his float tube and swims around with his feet and fins still inside the tube! Must reading. Fascinating photos.

Salt Water Float Tubing Bays & Estuaries
(a floattubeireland article )

The things you should take into account when planning your first float tube salt water fishing session.

A Matter of Some Concern
( link to www.sexyloops.com )

Steve Parton describes problems he had (as a supplier) with float tubes that had cheap PVC (vinyl)  air bladders. Steve advises tubing purchasers that urethane bladders are stronger, safer and better.

Shakespeare Expedition Float Tube
( link to Fish Wild Scotland online magazine )

A Fish-Wild Scotland online magazine tube review

All Fish All Waters
Fly Rod Spinner Baits, Spoons and Plugs

( link to http://www.buckeyeflyfishers.com )

A spinner-fly combination is a deadly offering. Joseph D. Cornwall looks at developments happening in fly rod fly-spinners and fly-plugs. Many big fish float tube fly fishers will be interested in this.

Saltwater Tubing: Cod on a Fly Rod
( link to http://globalflyfisher.com )

Martin Joergensen float tubes on the sea for Cod with fly rod and spinning rod.

Insect Repellent Tests
( link to http://www.buckeyeflyfishers.com )

Wm. A. Sodeman, Jr., M.D., J.D on medical research tests of insect repellents. Do they work? Which is the best formula? Which formulas did badly in tests? Are there long term health issues from using insect repellents?  My Observation: he does not consider if fish hate the smell of repellent  on line, lures, or flies.

Fishing Craft Choices and Features Compared
(a floattubeireland article )

The things you should take into account when looking for a floating platform to fish from, and a water borne vehicle to get you to your fishing spot.

The killer fly
( link to http://globalflyfisher.com )

Float Tubers sometimes use big, flashy flies, like these.

Saltwater Tubing: Hammering Inshore Halibut
( link to http://www.swimbait.com )

Pete Wolf of "Big Hammer" Swimbait leadhead jigs, and fishes inshore off the local beaches for halibut from  his belly boat.

Bass Fishing Oklahoma, Tube Bass are Bigger
( link to http://www.oklahomabassfishing.com/ )

Observations on size of bass caught by tube vs boats - Greg Myers

Fly Fishing for Perch from Float Tubes
( link to http://globalflyfisher.com )

Dutch Eddie Bourma on flies for perch and float tube perch tips

Mixed Fisheries: Big Pike in Trout Waters
(a floattubeireland article )

Management in Large Mixed Trout-Pike Waters, Limits, Catch & Release, Implications for Pike and Trout Anglers Fishing, Conservation of High Genetic Quality Trout & Pike.