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Float Tube Fishing in Ireland

Having a really great time fishing from the world's best floating fishing platform

  History of Float Tube Fishing

US 1940s-1960s

Tucker Duck
US -1970s

Fishmaster Float Tube
Ireland 1977-1980s

Fishmaster in Ireland
Ireland -1980s

Fishmaster (r) and Insul Dri (L)
US -1980s

Del Canty Lunker Hunter
lightest backpack tube 2.5 lbs!
The new Insul Dri Tube profile

extra buoyancy behind -
for stable steady ride
Ireland & US late1980s

Insul Dri ... big step forwards
profile + increased size
= more stable in waves
Ireland late1990s

Bucks Bags Hi & Dri

the classic round tube
Ireland 1997-2000

Top Gun, Hi & Dri 2 - the
peak of round tube designs

Creek Co introduce

Creek Co ODC 420
Vee tube
US 2003

Outcast Fish Cat 4
Vee tube
Ireland 2002

Bucks Bags Bullet
Vee hybrid

Outcast Super Fat Cat
 + Mares Avanti Fins