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Float Tube Fishing in Ireland

Having a really great time fishing from the world's best floating fishing platform

Useful Float Tube Links

Float Tube Manufacturers:
Bucks Bags Inc
  Bucks Bags float tubes & pontoons incl the excellent mid height Bullet Vee Tube
Dave Scadden's Northforkoutdoors   High end float tubes, tube-toon hybrids and pontoons, big, pricey, nice
Outdoor Pride Float Tubes   Round Tubes by an Oklahoman member of the original Fishmaster Mfg Tube Co
Outcast Sporting Gear   FishCat, FatCat, SuperFatCat float tubes good fast high ride tubes, they do toons too.
The Creek Company   ODC 420 vee float tube, U-tubes, round tubes, pontoons.
Shakespeare Expedition   UK medium height V-tube suitable for exposed loughs - (= a budget Cruiser)
Sparton Fishing UK   Steve Parton Tackle, the excellent Cruiser V-tube, proper tubing clothing
Fishmaster Mfg Company   Old well known maker of donut tubes, of renowned toughness, very suitable for fishing in brush. Their website is down ... their tel number is (001) 405 794 0800
Venture Outdoors   Pontoons, not float tubes. The safety video is amazing.
Float Tube Fishing Guides:
Angling Services Ireland
  Bodo Funke's fishing and tubing angling guide service at Boyle on the upper Shannon area. Mostly pike holidays, guiding, with some game fishing - float tubes available for hire.
Doogra Float Tube Fishers   Fly fishing for pike and trout on off the beaten track limestone loughs in Roscommon-Leitrim. A float tube fly fishing guide service. Orvis tube-toon "Pontubes", tackle and kit provided by Diana & Brian Kingsmith who run this service.
Irish & UK Fisheries Info Sources:
Shannon Regional Fisheries Board

  Guide to Shannon Catchment & Midlands Loughs and permits (Derravaragh, Ennell, Owel, Derg, Ree, Sheelin) also the Upper Shannon loughs in Leitrim & Roscommon eg Allen, Arrow Gara,  L Key & the R Suck & R Lung valley Loughs
Eastern Regional Fisheries Board   Guide to Ireland's East Coast and fishing in Leinster. Many loughs suitable for float tubing lie in this region. Loughs Lene, Bane, White L, and dozens of Monaghan and Cavan lakes.
Central Fisheries Board   The Coordinating body of all Irish Fisheries, excellent information resource
Western Regional Fisheries Board   Loughs from Galway to Westport, Connemara sea trout, Corrib, Mask, Carra, Ballyquirke etc
South Western Regional Fisheries Board   Upland lakes from Cork to Kerry, hundreds of mountain loughs, estuary saltwater bass
North West Regional Fisheries Board    L Conn, Cullin, upland lakes, Pontoon & Castlebar lake piking, Moy Estuary, Sligo
Southern Regional Fisheries Board   Ballyhass rainbows, mountain lake brownies, maybe char, also tremendous bass coastline
Northern Regional Fisheries Board   Cavan & Monaghan pike loughs, Ballinamore lakes, Donegal trout & sea trout loughs
The British Float Tube Association   The BFTA brings together UK float tube anglers and tubing fisheries
Fly Fishing Venues UK   UK Fly fishery database with search function for float tube anglers
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