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Float Tube Fishing in Ireland


Having a really great time fishing from the world's best floating fishing platform


Learn about most interesting way to catch stillwater fish.
And maybe try it ....



This is a resource of information about float tube angling for freshwater predators like trout, pike, perch and salmon in Irish, UK and European stillwater ponds, lakes, Irish loughs, Scottish lochs, gravel pits and reservoirs. The intention is to promote and explain the ways and means of a way of fishing that the author particularly enjoys to those who have not yet tried it.
Fly fishing for pike and trout from float tubes and pontoons. 
Saltwater angling for the more experienced anglers from tubes and pontoons.
Bellyboat angling in saltwater for bass, and sea trout, and also for other inshore species: mullet, mackerel, pollack, coalfish and flounder in inshore waters like estuaries and sheltered bays.

SAFETY: All boating and fishing is done at the risk of the person doing it. Independent boating places greater responsibility on the individual to prepare properly. Normal maritime safety practises should be learned and observed, always in the knowledge that while the expected can be allowed for,  unexpected events also sometimes happen quickly, and the possibility of these should be allowed for too.
Learn to swim. Wear safety equipment like lifejacket, buoyancy aids. Wear adequate protection against hypothermia or exposure while either dry or wet.
The author takes no liability for what others do or try to do based on the information.
This is a description of what the author does while angling and enjoying his own leisure time. The author has done this for three decades without injury and it works for him with his safety code and practise.
This website is copyright 2007 Norman Greene. No reproduction outside stated license terms without permission. Reproduction of content or extracted sections in unaltered form is permitted provided source is acknowledged, and a live link provided if reproduced on the internet, and any special copyright term stated on the content is also complied with.

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