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Model Making and Practical Items for Young Modellers
 Saphire and Dead Mans Chest are kites that are suitable for children. They are the traditional type of kite, great fun on a windy day, and steadier in flight, with less diving and swooping.  Pegasus should probably called an intermediate kite for adults or children.
Skylon and Mercury
are acrobatic, and might be frustrating if given to very inexperienced fliers. They do thrill with their extra responsiveness.

PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN DEAD MANS CHEST is a diamond kite with single line for kite fliers age approx 6 - 8. The graphic design of this kite is straight from the film and young folk really seem to take to this kite.

SAPHIRE Alastair (age 8) prepares Saphire Box Kite for another flight. The box design is the most stable kite, suitable for young kite fliers.

Saphire Box Kite 16.50

PEGASUS is a delta shaped (triangular design) kite with single line. Pegasus is more acrobatic than the box kites, and will swoop from side to side as learners pick up the skills of keeping it up there when the wing tries to push it to the ground.
Pegasus Delta Kite 16.50

SKYLON is a very big parafoil kite for medium to experienced fliers. Skylon is supplied with twin lines. A parafoil is something different in kites, it's less aerobatic, being challenging to initially get up, but once up in the sky it is the only kite that can pass the ninety degree vertical mark!  Width 1.35 metres.
Stunt Kite
Art. No.: 1037
Size: 140 x 54 cm
Age: 8+
Wind-force: 2-5
Parafoil-style Stunt Kite of compartmented design (air-matress style), with 14 wind chambers. Exceptional flight characteristics in light to medium wind conditions. Flamboyant effect in flight, owing to the unusual shape and striking colours. Rod-less, and so very compact when folded. Exceptionally suitable for kite-loving children. Ideal for travel and holidays.
Type: Twin-line
Size: 140 x 54 cm
Material: Light, tear-resistant Ripstop-Nylon.
Included: 2 spools, each with 25 m Dacron line. Snap link attachments and spools.
MERCURY 135CX Cis a classic delta-shaped sports kite. Steep angle of attack gives terrific flight characteristics. Can easily be launched from hand or ground. Very gentle flight.
Stunt Kite
Art.-No.: 1032
Size: 135 x 57 cm
Age: 10+
Wind-force: 3-5
Type: Twin-line
Size: 135 x 57 cm
Weight: 198 g
Material: Light, tear-resistant Ripstop-Nylon,
10 panels, double stitching,
rods of unbreakable 4 mm fibreglass, 5-point bridle of braided Dacron. Breaking strain 75 kp.
2 sport-spools with 2 x 25 m triple twisted polyester lines, breaking strain 27 kp.
Reel with snap link attachments.

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