TT and HO Scale Tracks come together ...... with LUNA Track
Street-running Model Light Rail Transport and Luas type Trams

  The Luna Street Track is modular, a base rail unit very like the normal track but without "sleepers"
You have a choice of "road surface". This is cobbled, but it could be asphalt, or concrete paving.  
  Station can be either a separate "Tram / Light Rail Station" or it could be that you choose to run your tram track onto your rail network, and the Light Rail Models spend the night at the railway locomotive sheds.
And this is the result ......  
Since we can get the Tram Track in 16.5mm HO  and 12mm TT many alternatives are possible. A HO track could have HO trams, running on and off the rail network onto the HO railed streets.    On the other hand a 12mm TT version of the same could be arranged. So you have  TT track, and TT "Luas"  light rail trams, running on and off the rail network onto the TT railed streets.

But another more technical way is to have a HO mainline rail network for your trains. In this case the tram track is 12mm TT, we will call it narrow gauge 12mm HOm. The mainline is HO.
Now you have a nice scale narrow gauge LRT (light rail transport) system, which can join up with your wide gauge rail network by the clever use of TT-HO 3-rail tracks. 
A HOm (12mm) gauge tram rail meets and joins a 16.5mm HO (or OO) rail. The 3-rail section leads from the streets to the loco sheds.
Take a careful look at the pictures on the right .....

TT Elite Triple Rail Track
Allows HO and TT gauge rolling stock on the same track.

Another size merges TT and N track in the same way.

In railway modelling - you actually get to create "your" world .....

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