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MODEL YACHT OUTFITS & KITS   For Pre-made "beginner toy" yachts GO HERE
These prices are for the yacht only. Radio controls and glue not incl.
As a general rule of thumb add from EUR 85 -135 to get a full outfit price for a yacht including radio controls


Clipper Yacht - Quick Kit -  is a sailing boat which forms an excellent choice for a first entry into the world of model boating. The hull is of simple construction, and is assembled directly on the underside of the deck, i.e. the bulkheads, keel and centreboard are simply slotted in and glued in place.

The hull bottom and sides are supplied pre-cut from thin plywood, and are ready to glue to the structure. The boat can be operated free-running, i.e. without a control system, or with a single servo for the rudder. 

The ballast on Clipper's centreboard is pre-made round steel rod, replacing the lead usually employed. With this boat learner modellers quickly obtain the essential techniques of  hull construction, as well as a basic knowledge of model sailing.
Clipper can be done as either a "free runner" non-RC model, or can take a compact RC system. The drawings show both, and working rudder is included.
Clipper is suitable for somebody making their first model yacht.  It was developed for the secondary schools as a 4 person teen group project.  
This level of expertise also happens to make a Clipper into a very nice parent plus 7 to 12 year old child partnership project.        
Download Instruction Manual for Aero-naut Clipper Yacht

Get started with Jolly


Jolly - Starter's Yacht kit
This kit is a surprise - it comes in a flat blue envelope, with a picture of a boat on the front,  flat,  laser cut wood inside, and not really looking anything special, cost under a tenner.
However .....
Inside that envelope is one of the best little boat kits we have ever seen.
What is so special about the little Jolly ?  Well ... Aeronaut have just got it right - that's all !
Not too many bits of wood, no fancy bending, or using pins to put it together, just a bit of tape to hold things while the glue sets, and you get a really pretty little boat, waiting for a coat of paint. 



Jolly is the perfect first wood kit for anybody who has not built anything in wood before.  
Adult or child - it doesn't matter - Jolly is just a really pleasing boat to make and look at when you finish it. Then you paint it in "your" colour scheme, and it becomes your own version, unique and different from all the others. Acrylic paint and glue required.
Whatever boats, planes, etc  you want to make later - it's a good idea do a Jolly as a first one - it's simple, quick, made of balsa wood, and looks pretty. You will enjoy the experience, and this generates enthusiasm for the bigger project to follow.

 Bella yacht
Bella (Quick build kit)    
Bella is our dream-boat. This quick build kit features a great deal of genuine mahogany timber.
The boat is of tried and tested hard-chine construction, assembled on a Depron jig plate using a method introduced by Aero-naut with the highly successful Classic boat.
Construction is so simple that even beginners to building can successfully produce a good-looking model. It's a lovely looking yacht to build.
The detachable roof provides good access to the RC system components and the generous space inside the cabin. The cockpit insert takes the form of a watertight shell, and if necessary the entire insert can be removed by undoing a single screw: the hull is then open over the full length from mast to stern.



Specification :





Overall length approx. 810 mm 
Beam approx. 235 mm
Mast height approx. 1050 mm
Sail area approx. 0.25 mē
All-up weight approx. 2.6 kg
RC functions :  2 channels - Rudder,  Sail control
     Download Bella Instruction Manual


 True Blue - 30 metre yacht

True Blue Yacht (Ready Built)    
This is a nice yacht. True Blue is a semi-scale model based on  a modern  30 m luxury sailing yacht with a scale sloop rig - rectangular-section main boom, typical of current yacht designs, it's a single mast.
- Kit containing ready-made components
- Quick to assemble, as no parts have to be trimmed or adjusted
- Injection-moulded plastic hull and deck
- Lightweight aluminium mast
- Keel bulb protected by plastic fairings
- No painting required
- Decal set included
- Simple RC component installation
- Model supplied complete except for RC components
- Light-wind sailing boat: up to wind strength 3



Specification :



Overall length approx. 1000 mm 
Beam approx. 220 mm
Overall height approx. 1730 mm
Sail area approx. 0.47 mē
All-up weight approx. 3.8 kg
Scale approx. 1 : 30

RC functions :  2 - Rudder,  Sail control







HansaJolle  (Scale Inshore & Coastal Yacht Kit)
This small centreboard boat was designed by Henry Rasmussen way back in the 1920’s and became a huge success. 224 boats of the Hansajolle type were built at the Abeking & Rasmussen dockyard between 1948 and 1969.
 Its versatility made it a very popular boat and it was adopted by the DSV (German Sailing Association) as the basis for a one-design class. The class boat is 5.85 M long, and is designed as a small, safe cruising boat for inland and coastal waters. The cabin is compact, with enough space for two sleeping berths.

 In 1958 when Rollo Gebhard sailed Hansajolle No. 79 (Solveig) as far as the Dead Sea in 1960-61 the vessel type became famous outside Germany. The 160 kg of lead ballast and the small cabin confer a high level of stability and safety on the boat, and the Hansajolle remains an active competition class in Europe. Our model kit, to a scale of 1 : 6.5, is designed for beginners as well as more advanced modellers, and is based very closely on the full-size vessel.

 Hansajolle  can be made with or without radio control system to the builder’s preference, although the kit is designed and prepared for the installation of an RC system.

RC-Functions, Main sail control, Foresail control, Rudder control 











Length    940 mm 

Width    260 mm 
Mast height    1.050mm 
Draught    170 mm 
Main Sail Areas    25 dmē 
Foresail Area    10 dmē 
Weight w/o ballast    1.400 g 
Weight of ballast    1.500 g 
Kit contents:  Comprehensive staged building instructions, machine-trimmed vacuum-moulded plastic hull, sails, all wooden parts including deck, bulkheads, mast, cabin and rudder, plus all fittings, ballast and accessories. 
The internal fittings consist of precision-cut plywood parts which are to be fitted and glued together inside the vacuum-moulded hull. The deck is supplied accurately pre-cut, with printed planking for decking.

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