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In this section, we share some skills from expert modellers.
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Do you want to get started in RC helicopters? Here is our Bluster 400 3D. This is the "full power" version with a brushless electric engine. It has oodles of power, it flies for longer duration than than you can concentrate for, and can be upgraded until you have a really powerful and agile machine. Warning! If you take a look you will be converted to RC heli flying.  It is that good.  (File 5.7mb)
Check out the helicopters!
Daisy Electric version. Note the easy hand launch from a field with long grass for softer landings.
Also observe how a properly set up electric model can have the engine switched off and on during flying by command from the radio. Daisy is our most successful all-round airplane and is both light and strong. This flight is done using the standard motor, which only costs under 9 ! (File 1.7mb)   More info about Daisy  
Mini Mag 400 is our newest Cessna model in the popular 400 size. Really good value - it is powered by a low cost electric motor. The standard version comes with the usual wheel undercarraige. You can get a water float set undercarraige to add-on later, and start flying from water !  This is an interesting model - beginners like it as a trainer, and it is a good trainer. But more experienced fliers also like Mini Mag 400 for its good handling, because with a brushless motor inside it can be a really fast and lively flier.
Proof that you don't need brushless to fly electric helis! Logo 10 electric helicopter flying outside the shop on a simple Euro 15 Johnson motor. It flies well because it has lots of power is well setup, and weighs less than many other helis. It also flies better on brushless obviously! But we were making a point about how easy Logo helis fly. For bigger helis we prefer glowfuel engines. Electric is more reliable always, but especially in the smaller ones.  (File 2.8mb)
Check out the helicopters!
Multiplex Easy Star, very suitable as a first model plane, doing "touch and goes" .  (Filesize 2.9 mb)
Aero-Naut Rafale Electric Jet with Turbo 4000 carbon impeller and retractable undercarraige. The power of top quality electric drives enables grass field takeoffs without problem. Motor rpm is too high for piston engines. Cost while not cheap, is a fraction of model turbines. Available either as a twin jet (wonderful sound in flight), or as a single larger jet.  (Filesize 1.8Mb)   Go see the aircraft
The new Apache AH-64 indoors helicopters are now available.  Just take a look at this one in action.
you can find all about them here Apache AH-64 Longbow  From November onwards this heli will have a new fuselage every few months. ( eg Check out Carson Air which is also an Apache with a new outer skin. )
New Aero-naut Blade 2. NOW AVAILABLE AND IN STOCK. (File 3.8Mb) ... Now you see why people go crazy about these EDF jets  Go see the aircraft
Large Scale Edge 540 powered by the new MVVS 58cc engine, prop-hanging beautifully. A model this size might have a 80 to 100cc engine but the 58cc MVVS provides more than enough power. Almost 7 horsepower in fact. Now you see why we like MVVS engines :-) (Filesize 4.4mb) For more info go to Powerful MVVS engines
Cars and Buggies Video (Filesize 2.89mb) ... Now you see why people go crazy about these RC Cars n Buggies
The Rodel Cessna Cardinal with a cheap 400 motor gives incredible flying in the Dublin Mountain slopes. It's hard to believe this little plane is made from a styrofoam kit, and the engine costs less than a tenner ! . Watch it fly, and judge for yourself.
This is a "builders kit" and needs advanced building skills.   BUT it's companion plane - the Mini Mag is a pre-made ARF (almost ready to fly) version which anyone can put together on a very short time.
(File 6.9mb)
If you plan to go to the local model flying club field, this is the sort of model plane you will need, a high wing trainer to learn with, probably 40 size, big enough wheels to take off grass runway, a ball-raced glowfuel (nitro) 2-stroke or Saito 4-stroke engine, with suitable radio controls to fly it. (File 2.8Mb)   Go see the aircraft
Have a look at the new Ma-Vin (pronounced Marvin) ROBOT ! Learn to make robots and deal with robotic technology with Ma-Vin, and then, when you have to necessary skills, move up into humanoid robots later.  Here is the link to our 2007 robocup robots and robotics section.
How to Launch a Longshot.  Here is Martin with his Longshot discus launch glider at the Kestrel flying site. There is no slope lift today so he launches, flies, lands, and launches again in these conditions.
Martin said: "I was planning to fly it into my hand to catch and throw again, but as it came closer I realised I had misjudged slightly and it was coming in too fast. So I changed my mind and climbed a little to slow it down and then landed it beside me!." 
All you need to fly is the right glider and a radio.
Info for beginners: Yes - it is under direct radio control every second from launch until  touchdown. (Filesize 3.2mb)
Mini Daisy 3. Slow flier, can be flown indoors but is perfect for football/hockey pitch size flying areas. (Filesize 1.03mb)
Joy RC Glider. Here we are slope soaring in a force 5-6 in Dublin mountains. Anyone who thinks you need a heavy model to fly in wind should look at this. Joy only weighs about 200 grams! Joy has a five foot wingspan, and soars (hovers) at a shallow dive in the wind where the wind goes up the slope.
To be honest this weather is quite windy for such planes but the Joy takes it and flies fine.
 All you really need to fly in Ireland is a glider, a radio set, and a slope or coastline ridge. (File 1.37mb)
The New Carson 1:5 Scale Video (Filesize 3.9mb) ... Real petrol Engines sound really good in a model The Carson-Tamiya 1/5th Scale gasoline car

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We are frequently asked what is the best way to solder up the battery connectors to the electric power cables.  So here is a demonstration video showing how to solder banana plugs to your battery. This is soldering video tutorial will help the newcomer to electric modelling get started in doing his/her own battery pack soldering, and showing how to achieve those professional quality soldered joins. 3.8 Mb.file
Getting a nice finish with Oracover iron on covering film seems to be an intimidating task for total beginners. The instructions are clear enough, but everybody wants to have a nice looking model when it is finished. So here is a video showing the process. It is easy enough when you have seen it done. (Link to Youtube video streaming video)
After learning to solder, many modellers wish to solder a battery pack with the cells end to end.  This demonstration video shows how to prepare the cells, sanding the metal clean, then add flux ( absolutely essential that!) then "tin" the cells in preparation, and finally join them end to end using a home made "jig" to hold them steady and the hammerhead tip soldering iron. This soldering video tutorial is a good next lesson for the modeller with increasing confidence in their new soldering skills. Also a soldered battery pack is more efficient than many commercially available spot welded products that look the same but are higher in resistance for each welded join between their cells. (Link to Andy Willett's excellent streaming youtube video)
Building a Simplified Balsa Wood Truss Bridge
An evening project for the experienced, and a half day project for the beginners. Bridge building is always fun, mainly because after wards you can load them up with weights and break them! If you are interested in this aspect of modelling maybe you should take a look here for more information
the the lightest, strongest covering of them all on your model.

Coming Soon: 1 Water based adhesives  2 Polyester & epoxy based adhesives 3 Quickie Repairs: thin viscosity cyano + carbon and glass repairs just about everything right there and then.


How to make a carbon fibre model aircraft undercarriage HOW TO MAKE A CARBON FIBRE UNDERCARRAIGE  TUTORIAL
A few strips of carbon fibre cloth, a few strips of fibreglass cloth to thicken it up, and some fibreglass glues:resin and hardener. Watch the video and see how simple it is. There is an introduction in German language at the start, if you don't speak German fear not -  the movie is crystal clear just to see. I'll do a better one sometime!

This is an flv filetype. If it does not play automatically you may have to download flv player (free) from eg www.downloads.com
(Filesize 21mb)


A roll of carbon rovings is quite cheap, and it makes your repairs, and reinforcing extremely strong. See how to use rovings to lengthen the lifespan of your models.

Coming Soon

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Useful Links to Model Flying Clubs, Flying Sites, Free Soaring Flying Locations, Personal Modelling Websites, Related Links, etc
Bait Boats for Carp, Pike & Tench Angling If you fancy using radio controls to make your own fishing bait boat for carp, pike or general fishing ...  here is a website showing what you need. there is advice, free plans, and instructions on how to make your own bait boats for a tiny fraction of the cost of designer boats.
The Dublin Kestrel Model Flying Club have a flying site on the south side of the city. Following a move to their new flying field, the Kestrel club is once again inviting new membership applications.  This is interesting if you fly RC model planes and live south or west of Dublin, and most model types are catered for, with parking available, flying lessons ( free ) , bar-b-que,  and good friendly company while you fly your models.
Gold panning In Ireland Forum The Irish forum for amateur gold panning in Irish rivers. Do you like the great outdoors, flowing water, fresh air, and exercise? You might not be aware but gold is present in tiny amounts pretty much everywhere in Ireland. (Though some places are much better than other). Panning for gold in Irish streams is a great hobby. Check out the forum.
DublinModelTrains is a friend that we know for many years. He is crazy about model trains and is another TT scale fanatic, we have learned much from him.  He runs train models in both TT and HO scale layouts, and focuses mainly on continental trains.  A link to his model railway website is on the train picture (left). He is upgrading his website with up to date info about digital controls (DCC). There is a lot of handy information about model trains, train sets, track, scales, gauges, etc available  in his website.
Fishing from Float Tubes in Ireland
Fishing from float tubes is catching on.  This is what Norman does when not designing, making & flying models. This is la ink to the Float Tube Fishing in Ireland website. Lots of interesting info about catching big pike, trout from lightly fished inaccessible lakes well off the beaten track.
Irish Model Boat Club The website of the Irish Model Boat Club who are based in Dublin city. They are a splendid bunch of modellers always willing to give advice to beginners in the making of small seafaring model boats. If you make model ships these are the people to meet, and if not, well it's always fascinating just going along to see their  beautifully made replica tugs, warships and even submarines sailing across the park pond.
Irish Gliding, Slope Soaring, PSS Power Soaring Website There are lots of free upland flying sites to fly from - with no club. If you want to learn about slope soaring planes and PSS (power scale soaring)  on the Irish East coast, check this website out . The Irish Mountains and Coast Slope Soaring, Gliding and PSS website shows the places near Dublin and along the Irish Coast where there are model flying clubs, and where you can find good slopes to soar on. Some nice video clips too. Links to free plans for model gliders, fighters, and jets.  Go to Irish Mountains Gliding  Slope Soaring & PSS
Where to fly (club runway) List of Model Flying Club Sites in Ireland
Where to go to fly your model planes that have wheels and require a runway or short grass for takeoffs & landings


Where to fly (open access) List of Free Slope Soaring Sites in Ireland
The non-club flying locations in Ireland: uplands flying sites, mountain slopes and coasts for slope soaring


Normans  "norm_flyer" RC Site !   There is a lot more modelling info about flying planes, tracked models, and other strange RC contraptions on Norman's personal website ... Also a web-log of what models he and his friends are using lately. And pictures from the different places (mainly in Ireland) where he flies model planes.
Royal County Aeromodellers Club  A nice club located near Trim in Co Meath, about 30 miles north of Dublin City. Emphasis on powered models, both electric and glowfuel.


1 DIT Architecture Bolton St.
Dublin 2008

Bowstring Arch Truss from 5mm balsa takes 11 bricks and stands firm !

Get your top grade
Balsa Wood
Green Hobby & Model
Competition grade balsa available

2 DIT Architecture Dublin 2008 "Brown" X Truss balsa wood bridge gives up on 9 bricks
3 DIT Architecture Dublin 2008 Tied Arch truss bridge withstands 11 bricks undefeated
4 DIT Architecture Dublin 2008 Bridge destruction !
5 DIT Architecture Dublin 2008 More bridge destruction, and also a survivor ...
6 DIT Architecture Dublin 2008 The "can I sit on it?" test! And another survivor ...

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