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Latest breaking news, events, dates, introduction of new models

Date for our big ANNUAL JANUARY SALE will go from last week January to first week of February 2012. We wish all our customers a great holiday. The MONTHLY SALE for JANUARY will go ahead unaffected by the xmas break. Regular customers will be aware that this is not our annual sale which is scheduled for late January - February, but don't forget that due to the regular rolling monthly sale, there will still be fresh price cuts on selected products in the days immediately following the xmas break. The  neverending monthly sale can be seen here:   .

The Xmas opening times are now added to the  home page here: Home

We are back in the flying season and the new additions to the ARF electric range from Seagull are coming in every weekSeagull Electric ARF Planes.
Two new kit models in the electric side of things are sure to make a stir. these are Easy 400 and The Big Easy two new highwing trainer models for DIY model builders. They have good flight characteristics, though the Big easy is more advanced than it's smaller sister plane. If you like building in the evenings or when it's too rainy/cold/windy to fly outside, then these might well be worth a look.

BARGAIN ZONE went online today. Where do the best RC model deals go ... maybe you should have a look: Go to www.greenhobbymodel.com Bargain Zone

Glowplug News: Ever since glow engine aeromodelling moved into aerobatic flight, modellers have had the problem of starting inverted 2-stroke engines, where the liquid fuel can fall into the glowplug below and put the element out. The new 3D plug technology developed by Model Technics eliminates this. If you have an inverted 2-stroke engine, or like to fly inverted, get a MT 3D Glowplug next time and try it. You'll be impressed. It's developed with the same research that produced the Supercat 4-stroke glowplugs which dominated completely over the older 4-stroke plug types since their introduction last year.

We are now into the flying season and the latest models are the new ARF electric range from Seagull. Seagull have always produced high quality glow engine model planes, and last year they introduced their electrics, built to the same standards of quality. these are the same size as the largest of the foamie models. But the resemblance ends there, because the new Seagulls are built up wood construction, and have tighter airframes with less flex than any foamie can ever achieve. They are exceptionally good looking model planes. A 600 size brushless motor or equivalent outrunner fits. Take a look at the electric power ARF Decathlon, Pilatus PC-9, Extra 300S  and others here Seagull Electric ARF Planes.

The Sale is back again!  .  Also new pictures added to the website.
We were surprised to see the complete clearout of ARF glowfuel engine model planes reduced in the sale at such an early stage. Many customers missed the bus so to speak, and the stuff they were looking for was cleared in under 5 days. So there will be a Nitro Aircraft Top Up Sale. More mainstream models, not end of line stuff, I mean our top selling models, will be received in a couple of days. They will go into the sale as they arrive. Some will have engine deals that can be availed of. Don't delay this time !

It's train set time. Check out the TT model railway starter sets in our model trains & railway dept. Look out for our news notice in the new year when the new landscaping "All in one" sets arrive.

Several new models are now in our stocks. The successful Aeronaut Rocky electric trainer now has an extra large size cousin called Aero-Maxx. This is a quick build kit for first timers where the makers have done the wing structures thus removing the most difficult part, but still leaving plenty of interesting construction for the new aero modeller to do before flying this model. Aero-Maxx is big for an electric trainer, having a 1800mm wingspan allowing good visibility at the great distances it can fly to.

More new items, in electric planes there is the Eurofighter Typhoon in two versions. At a lower cost the prop Eurofighter EF-2000 and at a higher cost the twin EDF Eurofighter. Servos, speed controller(s) and brushless motors are included and already fitted in these models which makes them a very good value.  There is also a nice new scale slowfly oldtimer model called Skeeto SA-8 which was the first ever microlight. This was designed and flown by Raymond Stits in the US using many engines. Stits was an expert in low power, low fuel consumption  planes. His Skeeto even test flew with outboard engines for power! The original is on show at Oshkosh EAA museum. We have the model, it's scale, and it's ARF, and it's here at  www.GreenHobbyModel.com.

Added new items, the new Zenith Outrunner Brushless Motors and matching speed controllers at better lower prices. Motor mounts, plugs and fittings included free. Also we expanded our servo extension lead range, so everything is available in standard PVC tri-cable with black servo plugs. They are also available in better quality silicone twisted (anti interference measure) tri-cable with positive locking gold pin blue servo plugs.
Have you seen the new Carson Tyrann Helicopter yet? It's an aerobatic heli at a very good price, well worth looking at one close up.

Autumn Sale ends
Added the ranges of lithium poly (that's lipo to you and me ! ) batteries to the website battery and charger department. The new Kokam 30C cells are now available, and tested, and they really deliver serious power. More power than those cheap far eastern makes that claim to have 30C but don't.

GreenHobbyModel.com Autumn Sale begins September 1st !  Click here for info ---> .
Multiplex Twister ARF ducted fan jet sells out twice, back in stock again.
Also from Multiplex ... Mini Mag, Cularis, Acromaster, Funjet, Easy Glider and Easy Star .
Call in for one-day-only special helicopter and car deals not online!

Summer has been a busy time. Depron prices have fallen so be sure to check out the 3mm and 6mm depron sheets.  New twin engined models have  been tested, and the Dual Ace is a winner. 
New locations of many upland (free) model flying sites and free plans are added to the Irish Slope Soaring website which we host in sponsorship of the slope soaring and gliding Irish modellers. So don't forget to visit and download some free model plans for making from depron during the dark evenings.
New electric flight products ... Himaxx brushless motors, new more powerful LiPo batteries from Enerland Polyquest Kokam and Saehan, chargers. Call in to check them out.

Saito four stroke aero engines have gone down in price. These are the Rolls Royce of 4-strokes  - the deals are here Saito 4-stroke engines
We have a new indoors helicopter. the AH-60 Apache. Go to the heli department to check it out, watch the video and see the Apache fly.
Also the new robots and robotic products for 2007 are now coming into stock. These are suitable both for schools and at home, and give a great insight into new technology. Here is the link to our 2007 robocup robots and robotics section.

The Mega RC Model Sale is now on !  Click here for info ---> .

Please check the scrolling information bar on the homepage for Xmas - new year opening times.  New planes delivered over the xmas break now available.

Model trains are now added to our permanent stocklist. We have brought to Dublin, Ireland a generous range of model trains, track, and model railway equipment. Have a god look at the model railway department here ... Model Train Sets, Trains, Track & Model Railway in Ireland   Learn about the TT scale size of model trains which is so suitable for modern house sizes, and gets the train and track up off the floor.

We have flown the Carson Bluster 400 3D for a while now, and there is only one thing we wanted ... more power !  The rotor head is tight enough to deliver a fine performance when using the more efficient motors for power, so the brushless Twister 3D arrives for September. 

The new FAQ section to the website, for troubleshooting problems has turned out a great success - so more problems and their solutions are added.
The monthly clearout sale is now set up, every 4 weeks new items will be added. We used to have a clearout sale for end of line items only, but from now on there will be "overstocked" items added to this. This means that some models may make it into the sale for no other reason than we want a lower stock level for that particular month. the accountants must be kept happy, and this provides an opportunity to pick up a desirable model for a knockdown price.
The Monthly Sale link is here .... 
A new helicopter has been added to the range available. This is Carson Bluster 400 3D fand it comes pre-built in a standard version with many possible performance upgrades available. We have tested Twisted 3D over the past few months and are happy that it is the best value for performance in "400" size helicopters. Which is why we have selected this particular one for our customers.

Latest TMM Speed Controller range is NOW IN STOCK. TMM are very high quality flight electronics. It is the new range - you can upload and download you desired performance spec from your computer directly into your speed controller. A new section on the website exclusively for TMM will be added later this week. Look out for the black box which is an incredible but tiny piece of kit. When used with the Z-series TMM speed controllers, you can save and download vital flight information into your computer after you pack up and go home.

We have added a Frequently Asked Questions section to the website, for troubleshooting problems that occur from time to time. How to tune it, setting up, correct propeller sizes, what is the best nitro model fuel, and many more issues are explained here. Have a look. FAQ . Also new in China Model products planes. These are high quality models with a lovely scale finish. Look out for new pics to appear on the planes pages over the next week.

New links from the movies, videos, and links page to hook up to the Irish Slope Soaring website which shows locations of many upland (free) model flying places.

New 1/12th scale ARC fighters arrived!. These are beautifully made with high quality fibreglass cowling, fibreglass fuselage and rudder. The wings and tail are pre-made and only require finishing and paint or iron on covering to complete a lovely fighter for sport use, or aircombat. We have Corsair, Focke Wulf FW-190D, Kawasaki Ki-61 Kai "Tony" and Hawker Typhoon - the first allied air to ground rocket firing tank buster!.  These fighter complement our existing selection of mini fighters from Rodel - the Me109, Tornado, Alphajet, F-15....all designed for .15 up to .30 engines, or a brushless electric conversion if desired.

The Spring Sale is back again!  .  Also new pictures added to the website.
NEW Lithium Poly Batteries .... now in stock, with chargers and accessories.

New information and pictures added to website .... new JR MX 12 and MX22 radios, indoor fly aircraft
Voodoo and Speedcat have arrived. These are very nice - so much so our staff are buying one of each for themselves.
Depron is now in stock! Make your own indoor planes for under a tenner. Get 'em while they're hot.

Over the next week the new Autumn 2005 models will be featured.

We have added new or better pics to many of the models on our web showroom. The DIY kit section now has thumbnails of models in flight.

New indoor aircraft arrived, gliders, and hotliners for flying on windy days all now in stock..call (01) 4928776 for prices

Carson arrived ... Stormracers, sport & track rally cars, Stormracers, Double Ts, all in, Rockwilders due in days..call (01) 4928776 for prices

We now stock RCV 4-stroke engines. RCV are smaller size for power than other 4-strokes, and have no valves or tappets due to their ingenious design, so they are as simple to maintain as 2-strokes. Ideal for small fronted models eg Spitfire and Me109 etc...call (01) 4928776 for prices

The Seagull ARF Model Aircraft introductory offer was a great success, unfortunately all models are now sold. Another shipment is due soon. We will extend the deal prices for September but don't delay. Call (01) 4928776 for a quote. Seagull Glowfuel Trainers
Seagull Glowfuel Sport & Aerobatic Models
Carson Monster Trucks have arrived! This is one we are proud of ... the Fire Cracker has rugged parts, huge wheels, tough suspension and a powerful Carson-Tamiya engine. SAVE EUROS   Click here for Special Outfit Deal Prices

Green Hobby & Model is Irish official Multiplex representative. We've got ...Easy Star, Pico Jet Combat, Cargo, Sonic Liner and lots more.

Seagull ARF Model Aircraft due this week. there will be an unbeatable introductory offer for 2 weeks so stay in touch for a great summer deal.
Carson 1/8th, Superscale and 1/5th is now in stock! SAVE EUROS   Click here for Special Outfit Deal Prices

We are pleased to announce that Green Hobby & Model has been appointed official Multiplex dealer. Contact us regarding the new items available. Catalogue will be updated shortly. PROJETI is back in stock again in the new Blue Star colours. Limited number of CARSON offroad buggies and also 1/8th rally cars due in next week.

We have added Mega Motors to our brushless motor range. Mega have been extensively tested in our own models, and we found an ability to handle significantly more power than other well known names. Prices are excellent value. Mega Brushless Motors

Saito four stroke aero engines are here at last. These are the Rolls Royce of 4-strokes, and we will offer them at large reductions for the first few months. So don't dither - the deals are here Saito 4-stroke engines

The fully moulded epoxy model aircraft arrived at last. Cessna, Parabola, Fredy, Destiny and many others are available

Recoded the video links - some were not working, but all should be ok from now on.

Stormracer off road buggies arrived. Sorry we got a scaled down delivery due to unexpected demand for these. See the Car Prices page for details

New website relaunched today. Please bear with us while we work out the inevitable glitches over the coming week.

JR's computer radio the X-412 is back in. Where else can you get a computer radio on aircraft waveband for 149? - (incl. transmitter and receiver, & 1 x JR servo).

The package we like is above but also suppliedwith 4 x JR servos, a charger, nicads for transmitter and receiver. Call 01 4928776 for a competitive price.

More Carson cars now in stock. We have the Opel in "Irmscher" sponsors colours. This is at an unbeatable price (we mean it). Check around if you like, then check this one out before you spend 70 to 100 more elsewhere. This is marvellous value and should be investigated if you are looking for a car for a good price.

Carson has arrived. The cars are in several chassis types. We have RTR (ready to run) for newcomers. These have the radio pre fitted into the car and are easiest to get started in. Thse are called the CS series, and are suited for newbies and as gifts.

The competition series are called CR. We have CR-2 and CR-4, for 2 or 4 wheel drive options. CR4 has a tuned power pipe and two speed gearbox. CR-2 costs less and can have these added as upgrades later. CR series are 90% pre-built, the radio gear is supplied in its own box for fitting by you.

To look in the full catalogue, go to <cars>, then hit the <special deals> links.

Sorry folks, we are still awaiting the all epoxy, fully laminated hot aircraft. They were shipped, but are delayed. Please be patient while we get them through customs. Just a few more days we hope .. Oh,and one of the Crazy Horse is all mine .! The delay is killing me..

The Heat monster truck got here. WOW J Take a look in the full catalogue, go to <cars>, then hit the <special deals> links.

Carson Cars are beginning to arrive. We were impressed with these cars last year when we tried out our first ones. Now we have several combos due in in the coming weeks.

New MVVS engines added to our range. Results so far have been so good that we have decided to switch our support from Irvine engines to MVVS as our first choice of power with excellent reliability for customers. The value is simply better for power, price, and durability in our humble opinion. MVVS are ballraced, and spare parts cost less when damage is done in a crash. A better deal all round.

Testing our new website, the new version will be launched next week.

The new small size outrunner motors are in production. We have received two, (there is a waiting list for these). It is a 400 size motor that can do 15 amps on 7 cells. This makes it far more powerful than speed 400s for less weight and size than one. All 400 type models can take this motor, and will have huge power increases with e.g. an 8 x 6 prop instead of the speed 400 6 x 3 prop. The rough equivalent of a 40 trainer with engine running flat out (if you decided to fly with full throttle!) is a good comparison of a Pluton 400 Cub with this motor.

Norman took the newly arrived Pluton 400 Cub out for maiden flight testing today. For the misguided people, this electric model flew with engine on continuously for 25 minutes, while chasing glow (4-str) planes round the sky. The 2-str planes cannot match this type of electric model for duration any more.

Results ... brilliant. This is a mini version of a 40 size glow trainer, but done in electric with a motor that costs just 8 euros. However it does things the glow version cannot do , the micro wing servos allow both aileron to be raised together as spoiler airbrakes while still functioning as ailerons. The same feature allows both ailerons to be dropped, making them into flaperons and airbrakes.

Done as SPOILERONS we can slow down and descend faster while flying level, this is perfect for landings in strong headwinds where the plane doesn't want to come down due to its airspeed against the wind. HOWEVER if done as flaperons we can slow down but increase lift, now on still days we can slow down almost to a standstill before landing. We got it on video for the unbelievers, and the video shows the plane flying directly towards the cameraman, then slowing down and doing a spot landing right at his feet !

Limited run of Baja Beetle off-roaders back in stock , probably for the next 4 weeks.

The Heinkel Salamander jets are on the way. ARTF for a motor-fan unit that uses the DAISY nicad battery we all have. Arrival due in about 2 weeks now. Get a Daisy battery and 2 micro servos ready and earmark them for this.

New video in shop. We put the euro elec champs on computer file, nice highlight in the shop where a contestant rolls his car on a corner, lands on wheels, continues the race, and WINS !

Flying wing foamies arrived. These are motorized with aircraft, engine, gearbox and propeller all in the kit. Small size only 74 euros, large faster size 94 euros. Call in as we wont be selling these mail order due to demand from regular customers being almost matching our suppliers production limits.

M V V S engines are here. Ball raced, high compression, side or rear exhaust, aero, car and marine versions available. Also a Quickie 500 Race 40 size which has the race tuned pipe INCLUDED. Prices are good, we have committed to quantity for these and we will stick with them so spares are IN STOCK too. Throttling quality is better than IRVINE, absolute power output is about OX FX level, the engine is ballraced and only half the price of the OS. We have the standard mufflers in the box but tuned pipes are here and can be got on request.

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