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Alan's Uni Star 60

Alan has this Graupner Uni Star 60 for over 2 years now. He learned to fly on it. It's a  really nice RC heli, flying here with the trainee undercarraige setup at the Kestrel Model Flying club near Brittas, Co Dublin. Alan has an MC series Graupner-JR radio

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Aero-Naut one of the best electric model aircraft makers.
Multiplex are supreme at aircraft made of Elapor foam

Graupner big supplier of German made models


Welcome to the RC Ireland Model Flying web site. I am an Irish RC aeromodeller, who lives near Dublin, in Ireland. I am a member of several Irish model flying clubs, and I fly from the club flying sites, but most of all I like to slope soar in the mountains around Leinster, in Co Dublin, Wicklow, and Kildare.



Important Flying Link:
Green Hobby and Model. Green Hobby is the best model shop in Dublin for model planes and RC cars helicopters etc in Ireland. They have a great collection of the right sort of gear. I go there all the time
Irish Model Flying Places Nearby
Dublin Kestrel  Model Flying Club is an old Irish model flying club that has just acquired a new flying field. The Kestrel club's new flying site is near to Dublin, at Brittas between Tallaght and Blessington.It is a very convenient place to fly model planes if you live in the south side or west side of Dublin. A pretty unique club in that every type of model plane get flown there.

 Mountain & Coast Slope Soaring Gliding & PSS in Ireland Slope soaring with scale WW2 fighters, model gliders, power gliders, at many locations on Ireland's East Coast, and particularly in the Dublin and Wicklow Mountain slopes. Also maps of Irish model airplane flying club locations. There is good slope soaring to be had from Howth Head, Dalkey Head, Killiney, Bray Head, Wicklow Head, various mountain and coastline slopes all round Ireland - basically anywhere the wind has to rise to go over a hill is good - so long as there is enough space. This very handy website shows the lot with lovely pictures, and slope soaring videos.

If you have difficulty getting directions or a flying location, just drop into Green Hobby & Model, in Dublin, and ask to read their "Green Hobby Model Book of Irish Flying Site locations".
You can locate Newbridge, Kestrel, Leinster, Royal Co, and all the other model flying fields in just a few minutes .

I have different model planes for the different places and different wind strengths.
I use gliders for calm days, fighters and wings for medium days,  jets and hotliners  for soaring on windy days.

The nitro or glowfuel engine club planes are less wind resistent. Usually I bring my soaring fighters, Skyraider, small jets, as well as glowfuel engine planes to the club (flat) field, but not on windy days. Then the slope is the place to be.

When I'm not out flying a plane or racing a car, I like to do a bit of fishing for pike, salmon and trout. Fishing from a float tube is my favourite technique. 

I have put some of my modelling interest and expertise into designing cheaply built bait boats for pike and carp fishing and some of my baitboat results can be viewed  here : Baitboat Dude's How to make your own bait boat website

Newbridge and District Model Flying Club fly in the Curragh, about an hour from Dublin. An old club with a long history of flying. No current website but tel nos available on request.
Leinster Model Aeronautics Club The current committee tel nos are kept available at www.greenhobbymodel.com LMAC have their flying site in the Phoenix Park, Dublin, it is a large club.
Wicklow Model Flying Club  are at Redcross, near Jack White's Pub on the Wicklow Road. Very pleasant setting to fly in.
Royal County Model Flying Club are in a good location for model airplane fliers who live north of Dublin City. They are based near Ballivor, Co Meath.
The Dublin Kestrel Model Flying Club (also described above) are also convenient, especially for those living south and west of Dublin City.  Well worth checking out.
Clubs vary, the people in them change, their flying fields vary from excellent to adequate, and so personal recommendation is the usual way of locating a nice place to fly. More details of these clubs and their current contact info available at the hobby shop Green Hobby & Model, online at  www.greenhobbymodel.com or better still  tel 01 4928776 and ask what is the best place for your type of model.


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