Pin Vise - a handy micro drill with drill bits

Do your small drilling jobs with this handy tool

  • Ideal for a variety of uses, including model cars, planes and boats and also plastic models
  • The sensitivity of a hand drill for small jobs eliminates breakage of tiny  drill bits
  • Store drill bits inside the hollow handle to keep them together and within easy reach
  • A knurled grip makes for easier handling; clips to your pocket for convenience
  • This is a precision pin vise with a very well made chuck and comes with 12 tiny drills from .0.6mm to 1.6mm which store inside the aluminum handle. Pin vises are very useful for areas hard to reach with larger drills.

Prop balancer - remove vibration at it's source

About 50% of props are unbalanced from the factory, and 20% are badly out of balance

  • When a prop is heavier at one end, this creates vibration in your model
  • All soldered items are subject to cracking in soldered joints, receiver battery, receiver, switch, servos, etc, when they are subjected to vibration. this causes these to fail at a later date from no obvious reason.
  • The model shakes, loosening nuts and bolts. Wheels tend to fall off in flight. Exhaust bolts loosen.
  • It is a good idea to balance all propellers of over 8" diameter.
  • Simple to use, mount prop in balancer, balance prop between fingertips, if one end descends, sand/scrape the prop leading edge on the heavy end until prop is balanced. Done.

Mini Balsa Plane - makes balsa leading edge , etc

Simple mini size wood plane designed for balsa wood

  • Problem : You need rounded balsa for fixing a rounded leading edge in a wing, or a front engine cowling.
  • Answer: Use a mini plane, specially designed for shaping balsa wood.
  • Mini Balsa Plane Tool is strongly made from steel, to last a lifetime
  • Comes with 5 razor blades included.
  • A very useful addition to the model builder's toolbox.

Other Useful Modelling Items

  • Hinge Slotting kit
  • Scalpel handle and blades, by far the best way to cut balsa wood and general modelling jobs
  • Razor Saw - finer than a junior hacksaw, perfect for cutting metal and hardwood for modelling. replacement blades are available later if required.
  • Hex Allen Drivers
  • Ball Top Hex Allen Drivers for difficult angles
  • Fuel tank Plumbing Kit for Plumbing Fuel Bottles
  • Fibreglass reinforcing wing tape with carbon fibre rovings for repairs
  • Heat iron for Heat Shrink Iron-On Covering Films
  • Sanding Bar
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