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Cessna 177 fibreglass


Green Hobby



all epoxy

not a trainer !

Last one
E10 Off
now E155.50

Romeo - Competition Pattern Aerobatic Trainer


40-50   kit Reduced again and gone into Bargain Zone

Senator 90
(Extra 300S 90 size)






Save E30
- now EUR229

Model 2-Stroke Engines Sale    
M.V.V.S. Engines
.77 2-stroke incl silencer

The power of a .91 combined with the size of a .61. These are very powerful engines designed to run and develop full power on low nitro (low cost !) fuel, and use a cool glowplug eg the Rossi C6, the Model Technics F4 glowplugs.

EUR 15 Off

We have discounted 1 of them to this special price

now E144.50

Tuned pipe option available -
add E15

OS.Max 32 SX-H heli 2-stroke One left Reduced again and gone into Bargain Zone
MVVS .61 2-stroke One left



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 Electric Model Aircraft Sale
Cessna 177 Cardinal Green Hobby fast - not a trainer! 1045mm ARF all epoxy ! E10 off -
Heinkel He-162
Kavan ARF 920mm   RRP E129.95
10% off sale
Now E116.95
Little Party +motor Green Hobby indoor trainer 830mm ARF Moved to Bargain Zone to clear last items
Messerschmitt Bf109 GN-9006 WW2 Fighter 910mm ARF 20% / E15 off -
E 84.50
Mustang P-51 Silver Green Hobby WW2 Fighter
model has symmetrical
( very fast )airfoil
1050mm ARF EUR 89.50
reduced 33%.

Also check out
new Bargain Zone Bulk Deal
AeroNaut fast  low wing trainer 1125mm quality kit with epoxy fuselage bargain
Aeronaut's Skyraider is one of the nicest flying models we have ever seen. You build the wings and tail, the fuselage is beautifully made in ultra light fibreglass. It's a very scale model of the IAC PC-9s if silver covering is used.
Surprise Hotliner




ARC kit 18% Off
EUR 199.50
Extra 260 Acro Light RL-015010 aerobatic indoor 930mm indoor scale kit foamie carbon U/C EUR 79.00
Fascination 3D Biplane  Graupner aerobatic indoor depron shockie ARF indoor competition bipe Moved to Bargain Zone to clear last items
Pitts S1 Acro Light Bipe RL-015020 aerobatic indoor 930mm indoor scale kit foamie carbon U/C  EUR 89.00
Sukhoi Acro Light RL-015030 aerobatic indoor 800mm indoor scale kit foamie carbon U/C EUR 89.00
Elektro Akrobat Pattern AeroNaut pattern aerobatic hotliner 1700mm ARC epoxy fuselage  EUR 20 Off
Grumman F7F 3 Tigercat AeroNaut twin 400G scale Pacific theater  WW2 Navy fighter 1330mm epoxy fuselage , pre-built RTC wings and tail  only 1 reduced
Save E30 -

Skeeto SA-8 Green Hobby parasol wing ARF old-timer slowflyer 1220mm ARF  only 1 left
10% Off -

Alphajet 400 Green Hobby Profile EDF Jet 990mm Profile ARF Moved to Bargain Zone
The Alphajet 400 ARF is a rare thing. An ARF jet plane light enough to fly properly  with cheap brushed 400 motors & ESCs, a fast, low cost jet that flies well
Video: See Alphajet 400 fly

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 Model RC Glider Sale
Joy -
Thermal catching glider for javelin style launch
Green Hobby ARF fibreglass  1500mm ultra light but strong epoxy fuselage, carbon fibre tail boom, ARF pre- covered wings and tail  offer finished

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Train Sets, Model Trains, Rolling Stock, Track Sale

We are offering an unusually good deal on these high quality German Made Train Sets
8% off all starter train sets -
Click HERE to check our main website for full list - then just apply the sale price to the set of your choice!

TT01413 Model Railway and Trains STARTER SET  Reduced

Steam Passenger & General Goods Train Starter Set

Contents:  Steam Locomotive Class 81, one baggage wagon, one passenger car, one highboard goods wagon, bedding track oval, drive controller, bridge pillar, cargo and user information.
Now E98.50
TT0833 Track Expansion TT SET  B Reduced

Track Expansion Set for making a Station Passing Siding
Track Expansion Kit B extends your TT track oval on one side, and on the other side it adds two turnouts and the extra track parts to make a passing siding. This is the layout used by real railroads in railway stations.



Part Nr





Turnout Right 15 degree Manual




Turnout Left 15 degree Manual




BG1 Straight 166mm




BG3 Straight 43mm




BG4 Straight 41.5mm




BG5 Straight  36.5mm




BR22 CurveRadius 2 = 353mm 15 degree




Isolating Rail Joiner for Bedding Track




Rail Joiner with Connecting Lug




Rail Layout Plan




Full Set

RRP  64.50

Now E64.75

Rolling Stock
5% off all locomotives, trains and wagons and track -

Click HERE to check the main website for full list - then just apply the sale price to the model railway accessories!

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Nitro Cars & Buggy Sale


Limited Numbers !  BIG REDUCTIONS

Check out the cars here ....
There are no more than 25 cars at these very special prices. When they are sold....the car sale is over.
                                For pictures - please check the main website

Carson SPECTER 1/8th Buggy   RTR deal outfit, radio, glowstart, fuel, the lot!

E 25 Off E399
Carson 1:10th Electric CE Rally Car either as a separate or in an outfit E10 Off Moved to Bargain Zone to clear last 1
Carson  SPECTER  .... USED ...  Engine is just about  run in .... we estimate 1 - 2 hours running on it ..... this one is still in it's box

1 only

Carson MAX18XXL 1:18 scale electric Truggy  a full outfit incl radio, Truggy, battery, and charger E10 Off E139 (full outfit)

Check out the cars main page here ...LINK to cars section

1/10th size made from robust Lexan Polycarbonate

reduced  10%

clear E 25
pre-painted  incl decals E 40

Half Price Car Bodies !

Audi Quattro - Bodies for the car that completely dominated the Circuit of Ireland from it's introduction in the 1980s Irish Rally scene
pre-painted in white 1:10 size AN INCONIC DESIGN

was 50% off
Reduced again and
Moved to Bargain Zone

Spare Car Body DECAL SHEETS  1/10th size

reduced  25%


ALL Force Car Engines 1/10th size

reduced  10%

from E 125 Sport
to E 186 Pro
STARTER BOXES ... Carson 12 Volt high power type
 - get a reluctant nitro engine running with a touch of a button !
45% off Was E 85
 Now E49.99
Fuel Filler Bottles 10% off  
Glow plug Spanner Wrenches 10% off  
Radio Neck Straps 10% off  
ALL CEN Car Parts 15% off until gone  
Look up the glowplug sale in the accessories section    

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Model RC Helicopters Sale
Carson Tyrann 450 Aerobatic 3D Electric Heli Deal
incl pre-built heli chassis, fuselage, servos pre fitted.
  EUR 245.50

sold out, to order

   Go to RC Helicopters

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Hasegawa & Tamiya Kits!
Willys Jeeps, panther, Tiger, Half Tracks, Flak Gunnery, Shermans, Harriers, Me262a, Clear Edition, JU87 Stukas. Abrams Tank, Schwimmwagen, Kettenkraft
10% off all above plastic kits until they are cleared !                UPDATE ... We still have about 12 of these assorted kits left at excellent value.

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Radio Controls Sale Reductions
Carson Boxed Computer 6 channel 35FM radio sets including Transmitter, Receiver, 1 x servo, drycell, now reduced to EUR 185

Servo Super Sale
Servo Deal 1 Buy 9 of any type servo and we will put another one in FREE !

Servo Deal 2 Carson digital sub micro (= 9g) servo E12.50 each !


  3V Outboard for small open boats   now EUR 24.50
Deutsche "Bang"boat German Kriegsmarine WW11 "Kamikaze" Exploding Speedboat kit 385mm 12% Off  EUR 35.50
Kon-Tiki Static Historic Egyptian Transatlantic Crossing Raft Boat   Reduced again and
Moved to Bargain Zone
Catamaran Traditional Polynesian Pacific Tribal High Speed Catamaran as in "Hawawii 5-Oh"   Reduced again and
Moved to Bargain Zone
Super Magic larger 600 class Speedboat kit 805mm Reduced again and
Moved to Bargain Zone
Tania  "Waterways" steam launch plank-on-frame kit   E30 Off 1 left at EUR 85.50

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Accessories & Parts SALE
Buy 5 of any glowplug and we will give you another one at HALF PRICE !
Graupner Pneumatic Air Retract Sets for 60-90 size planes; incl air pressure bottle    
All Mechanical Retracts in stock 
Price 5% off
Kavan Aero Wheels  Price 5% off

Tamiya  Polycarbonate Plastic Spray Paint Cans
by Tamiya and Carson                 Save 5% off on a  ten can order

White  PS-1 Black  PS-5 Gun Metal Red  PS-2
Blue  PS-4 Daytona Yellow  PS-6 Fluo Brilliant Blue Metallic Silver
Fluo Neon Green Saturn Blue (Impreza) Fluo Orange Fluo Red
Metallic Blue Metallic Purple    

Radio Neck Straps  Price 10% off until we sell out ... Sold out ....(Due back in soon - please call 01 4928776)
Tools:  Allen Drivers molybdenum steel now only EUR 8.50 !
Tools:  Allen Hex-ball-top Drivers  molybdenum steel now EUR 10 !
        Sizes available:  1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm

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Building Materials, Depron, Balsa,  SALE
PVA Glue Special  
Buy five and we give you one extra FREE
ALL BALSA WOOD   Buy ten of anything and we give you one extra FREE
DEPRON SALE Special  Buy five sheets of depron and we give you one at half price, buy 10 depron sheets and get one
DEPRON GLUE   UHU Por Special Formula Depron Glue
   Offer Special only E7.75 each

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Period Scale Sailing Ships Sale
 On every Period Scale 18th-19th Century Sailing Shipkit in stock                E 5 off

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