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Scale Working Ship, and Warship Kits (incl fittings .. not for outright beginners … running gear not incl)



Open Steam Launch / Ships Boat

Pipit/Kompact Steam


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Anna II

North Sea Trawler



Intermediate - Advanced
Classic 1960's Period Wood Speedboat   540mm Intermediate
   Download Classic Instruction Manual
Diva 1960's Cabin Cruiser
electric 580mm Intermediate
   Download Diva Instruction Manual


Pilot boat Harbour Launch & ferry
kit in 1:25 scale



Intermediate - Advanced
   Download Felix Instruction Manual


Steam Tug



Moewe    translated to English  = "Seagull" North Sea Trawler Kit for new modellers electric Intermediate
Ostende Cargo Freighter

General Cargo Vessel

electric 420mm  

RNLI Lifeboat

Famous Waveney Lifeboat Design

mini electric


Salina Luxury Motor-Yacht electric
twin prop
700mm Intermediate




"Waterways" Open Steam Launch

Pipit Ministeam
(or electric under dummy boiler)


Intermediate - Advanced


Ocean Tug with Schottel Thrust Drive

electric / steam





Scale Model of type VIIb WWII Submarine     (for a diving model the running gear and diving kits must be also purchased)
A big serious model. U-47 can be made in three versions: as a scale static display mode.
Or with the power set - as a floating surface working model.
And if you also add the drive set - as a surface-diving working model.


 Submarine type VII b
The type VII was world-wide the probably most well-known "U-boat" submarine ever, since over 1000 in different versions were built for the German Kriegsmarine Navy. This type is characterised by its particularly sleek lines, which resembles more a ship, than more the modern submarines which resemble a whale. The Type V11b had increased fuel capacity and longer range than it's predecessor the type VIIa. 
The type VIIb submarine had five torpedo tubes and an 88mm deck gun. She was fast and agile, thanks to her dual rudders, and could patrol the North Atlantic for approximately a month at a time.
Type VIIB included many of the most famous U-boats of World War II, including U-48, U-47 among others. Kapitan Günther Prien was one of the outstanding German U-boat aces of WWII and the first U-boat commander to win the Knight's Cross. Under Prien's command, U-47 sank over 30 ships totalling about 200,000 tons. His most famous exploit, however, was the penetration of the minefields at Scapa Flow and sinking of the battleship HMS Royal Oak in the Home Fleet's base.
the most successful submarine in the Kriegsmarine sank 55 ships for 321,000 tons, and damaged two more at 12,000 tons on twelve war patrols during the Second Battle of the Atlantic. Later in the war she became obsolete due to increasing technology development. U-48 returned to Kiel in 1941and she was transferred to training duty in the Baltic sea until her crew realising the boat would be captured, scuttled her in the Bay of Lubeck in 1945.


The Model: This model of the submarine type VII b is in its standard version and has all structure components with hull and conning tower mouldings from high-quality hard abs plastic, which allow  a quality model finish for static display. The Rc functions are got by adding further parts.
The sub-surface operation is achieved by flooding a ballast tank which partially submerges the model to deck, and the her diving fins take her down when forwards speed is applied with the throttle.
For either type of RC operation a suitable drive set must be bought and inserted ... motors, battery, speed controller(s), and of course a suitable radio control receiver and servos.

Length:  1120mm

Scale: 1:60

Beam: 125mm


Scale Battleship Bismarck                 (running gear not incl)

The Ultimate Battleship Ever . It is difficult to describe this kit and do it justice. It is a true supermodel. Very long hull, true working searchlights with bulbs that light up, triple propellers & prop shafts, hundreds of metal portholes, brass triple rails, all the big deck guns, anti aircraft guns, ladders, chains, the deck mounted catapulted aircraft, dozens of small ships boats, there are thousands of parts in this model.  This is a builders project…and an inspiring one at that: an accurate replica (a working replica) of the most famous battleship of them all.


            AeroNaut triple prop battleship Bismarck has a huge fittings and armaments pack.





WWII Battleship for triple screw


3 x electric Race 400 geared 3.0:1




Scale Cruiser Nürnberg                (running gear not incl)
More modest in size than Bismarck above, more compact "build" but very impressive when on the water.

After World War II, Nürnberg was transferred to the Soviet Union as a war prize and renamed Admiral Makarov.



The Nürnberg, was a German cruiser of the Leipzig class named after the city of Nuremberg. 
While providing cover for minelaying operations off the British north coast during 1939, Nürnberg was torpedoed by HMS Salmon and damaged badly.
She was under repair until spring 1940, and so missed the Norwegian campaign. From summer 1940 through January 1945, Nürnberg served either in and off Norway or in German home waters.
At the end of the war the ship was surrendered to the Allies.
Assigned as a war prize to the Soviet Navy, she was entered on the Soviet navy records on 5 November 1945 and assigned to the Baltic Fleet.
In 1946 Nürnberg was renamed Admiral Makarov. She then served as flagship of the soviet 8th (Northern Baltic) fleet, based at Tallinn, until 1955.
In February 1957, she was re-classified a training cruiser and scrapped in February 1959 .


WWII Arctic raider for twin screw



requires :2 x electric Race 400 geared 3.0:1



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