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Model Making at School
Primary   1 Pit - 1st Flying Model - a mini Hand Launch Balsa Glider (HLG) Ages 8 - 12
  2 Dixi 2 Hand Launch Dart Glider (HLG)- 1st or 2nd flying model in balsa wood
  3 Kite Making Project -- resource material in preparation -- due online soon
Secondary   1 Jolly Boat - learning working with wood in a Model - bending wood - Junior to Transition Year
  2 Aero Spatz T-tail Hand Launch Glider (HLG)- 2nd or 3rd flying model in balsa wood
  3 Advanced Kite Project -- resource material in preparation -- due online soon
Team Projects  1 Intermediate model projects for small group eg class team, parent/son/daughter, or beginner's 2nd model
  2 Balsa Wood Bridge Building Team Competitions
  3 How to Build a Simple Balsa Wood Bridge, information + video + free plan
Classroom 1 Tracking-Football Ma-Vin Robots
  2 Hydro Car - Car Education Kit using visible Hydrogen Fuel Cell
  3 Would you like us to call and visit your classroom?

Are you interested in Class Visits by Professional Modellers to your School?
Teachers: If you would like to arrange a class visit from our staff to your school - please call 01 4928776. 
We can demonstrate in the classroom:
Radio controls and their workings, starting model engines, starting jet engines, how to use fibreglass, carbon fibre and kevlar composites,  heat - cyano technique for forming instant carbon frames, balsa wood building skills, soldering, depron moulded constructions,  building things like aircraft wings in front of the class, make landscape diorama scenes, indoor helicopter flying , etc.
Our staff are familiar with the special requirements of showing-teaching modelling techniques.
You get access to the full resources of a major model distributor, and we bring along a fascinating "bag of tricks" of modelling equipment which can illustrate many vague areas, for which "seeing it" brings clarity of understanding to students as well as generating enthusiasm for the making of models.

Flying and model demonstrations by our flying team at schools and how to organise them

Super Model Construction  Jets, Tanks, Propeller driven cars, engines, advanced "model making" sessions

Please call us if these are interesting to you  or phone 01 4928776

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School Model Projects  Kites  <Beginning Boats   Beginning Planes   Robotics