Nitro Model Car Repairs and Servicing:

Often with a new car that is "running-in" the settings have go wrong on your car. Don't worry if it won't start! There is no problem.
If you bought the car from us during the previous 2 weeks, we will reinstate the correct manufacturers settings free of charge.
In the event that the problem is caused by a damaged part, broken by you, we will charge you for that part of the repair, and then continue to do the service part free of charge.

Didn't buy it from us? Possibly a problem, maybe not.  Just call and ask if we can get parts for it and do it. Book your car in for a service. Just like the full size automobiles.
We will test for problems and fix them if required, or notify you so you buy the parts can fix them if this is what you prefer.

Then we will give the car a full service, restore setting, clean out clogged fuel lines, renew tired glowplugs, , get it running, and then tune it up for you.               available

Parts for Nitro cars
We should have all the important parts ready in stock, for the kind of cars we sell

Unfortunately we can't have parts for every kind of car, especially when it is not one we support. But we can order the bits you need when we have a supplier who carries those parts. Call and ask us ..

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