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"Izicraft" - 400 size High Wing Trainer in Depron - Free Plan

I have been asked many times for a free plan of a high wing trainer made from depron. Surprisingly there are not many around, and some of the depron high wing trainer plans I've seen have a flaw, or a building difficulty involved. Here is one which is a straightforward build, flies well, takes either a cheap brushed 400 or brushless motor, uses either 8 x nimh or 3 x lipo batteries, and adding ailerons is simple after you learn to fly, and are ready to fly better. Enjoy ....

 Izicraft - Here is a model airplane for speed 400 power on the basis of following minimalist specifications :

- Model for complete beginners, both in construction and in flight
- The cheapest model possible
- Unsophisticated construction equipment
- able to reach safe altitude, then fly at very low speeds
- Model built quickly, repaired quickly
- Depron where possible, extra reinforcing for robustness where necessary
- Wingspan 1.25 m, length: 0.75 m, Wing area: 22, 5 dm2
- Weight in flight: less than 700 g
- cheap brushed 400 6V engine or brushless substitute, 6 x 3 propeller
- 18 amp ESC BEC
- Looks like a  nitro glowfuel engine trainer plane
- 8 cell 1100 Nimh, or 3S 1200lipo battery
- radio 3 channel or higher, two micro-servos

Construction in Photos Fuselage Plan All Wing Plan All
  Fuselage Plan Tiled A4 Wing Plan Tiled A4
Some of the test comments on the PDF plans are in French language. You can copy and paste this text into Babelfish to get an instant online automatic English language translation HERE

 VIDEO - Izicraft 3 ch Trainer

 VIDEO - Izicraft 4 ch Sport (with ailerons added)

Note to non-French readers - Some of the measurements on the plans are in the French style of tenths of a millimetre, so if you see something like "10/10" that means 10/10ths millimetres or 1.0mm. Therefore a piano wire control rod listed as 200 x 6/10 means 200mm x 0.6mm diameter wire.

After extensive testing sessions (thirty flights and no breaks), a few conclusions:
- I have increased the deflection of the rudder and engine downthrust which improved handling
- Take Off the ground is possible but difficult for beginners if there is no wind
- Launching by hand, without sufficient momentum is not an issue on 8 cell batteries
- Climbs to altitude quickly with an angle that can be large ( 30 ) without stall.
- The flight engine mount template is shown below
- ailerons can be added easily to make a faster version, but less suitable for learners
-  when using lighter lipo battery the centre of gravity needs to be relocated with 20 grams approx of lead in the nose so as to get it back where it belongs, 1/3rd of chord back from leading edge at wing root.
 - For the rest of the flight, 1 / 4 throttle for level flight, steering with virtually the only handle right, holding plate carried gas. Duration of flight Nimh battery with  7 cells: at least 20 minutes, at aerobatic speed: about 12 minutes, far greater with 3S lipoly batteries at lower throttle

 Texts, photographs, sketches, plans, notice of construction: Jean-Paul Thebault 2004

 The Izicraft is a UFOLEP-SAM-CLAP 2004-2008.  Its use is free (freeware. However, any distribution and / or changes to the plan must include sources of the original document: UFOLEP, SAM-CLAP, name of the aircraft and its designer, as provided by Creative Commons 

 Jean-Paul Thebault (UFOLEP 79)
 Original link:

S400 mount 32 x 32mm