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Inishcrone, Ballina, Co Mayo - North & NW facing dunes & beach

Inishcrone (Enniscrone) is just a few Km north of Ballina, Co Mayo. It is famous for it's golf course, superb surfing beach, and sand dune ecosystem.  There is a spit of land jutting across the Killala Bay with the surf beach , then behind it, the dunes which are a very good height, from which you can slope soar over the dunes and beach. Behind the dunes, and in between some of them lies the golf course.  This is a northerly facing slope, but if you walk either to the right or the left ends of the beach, it faces north west.

Access is easily got by simply driving onto the beach, beside the stream, and along until the dunes get nice and high enough to generate uplift for for the model. A couple of  dunes are huge ! All gliders are suitable and there is the whole beach to land on. I flew a Daisy (aileron version) , and DG100 here. It is a windy place, and northerly is best, so dress for a cool time, especially in cold weather.

Turn left off the main road just as you enter Inishcrone on the Ballina Road. Drive down onto the beach, turn left, and along towards the end. There may be parking cones to indicate a place to "not drive beyond" . Stop at the cones or when you see a nice big convenient dune. Fly.

 Please email me your info about where you fly, so I can include it..  n o r m _ f l y e r @ y a h o o . c o . u k