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The home page for RC model glider and power radio control model plane modelling community in the Irish Mountain slopes & coastal flying sites.
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Many radio control model airplane fliers fly their model aircraft in the mountains and highlands of Ireland. the coastal headlands are extremely popular too.

There are model flying clubs who cater for model fliers, but these particular model flying clubs have an emphasis on a fixed runway, and flying from it. This is not suitable for the slope soarer because we go fly where the wind is suitable instead of always flying from the same place. So, just like surfers, we follow the wind to the best places. Then we fly in ideal conditions.

The mountain flier has a different philosophy about flying model airplanes. NO RUNWAY IS REQUIRED!  And ANY MOUNTAIN SLOPE CAN BE A GOOD PLACE TO FLY provided proper safety precautions are taken.

To begin slope soaring you must first obtain a suitable model plane. Suitable models are of the glider type, or the powered glider type, WWII fighters and jets are also very good for slope soaring with aerobatic flight. Check inside for our suggestions and help.