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Killakee, Dublin - north-west facing slope

north slope from a distance

"Joy" Glider at sunset on the north facing slope

Killakee North Facing Slope

  When the main Dublin Mountains Slope is no good because the wind swings round north we move here. It is the head of the valley into which the main slope goes. Drive past the main slope, take the next (hairpin) turn right, go for about 400 -500 metres and stop in one of the two wide parking places on the right hand side.

The standing is on grass and heather,  but the slope is rough grass.  

IThe north slope is a far shallower slope than the main one, so the wind is very horizontal, making low lift slower models harder to fly. So this slope is not good for a Zagi or heavy thickwing model. The speed limit for such stuff is reached before the lift is really good . You need good penetration as well as good lift, and that favours the classic gliders very well, thin wings with reflex or Clark-Y profile do well here. Light PSS models are nice too. Side launch HLG gliders fly well too with their light weight and good penetration.

  Please email me your info about where you fly, so I can include it..