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These nice plans were posted  by Prop-er as a free plan in RC Groups website, and I include the links here. They are nice plans. An advanced flat plate design - it looks nice.

 "I've made some nice drawings for a Dassault Rafale. It's basically a shockflyer style design, but I've added parts to create a nice fuse. I was thinking of selling these plans, but since I've got absolutely no time to test build it, and I'm not able to spend any free time on this project, I've decided to release 'm as a free plan. I'm very eager to see anyone build and fly the Rafale."

"The only thing that's missing is the motor-mount on the back. Please think of a suitable construction while building your Rafale. Have fun" -

Rafale 40" Wingspan      At 40" span it's quite large. Fuselage is 60" long.  It's made from 6mm depron.  Needs servo's for elevons / canards (can be coupled Ikarus SU-27 style) and rudder.   Power: about 200 watt  Weight: 600 gram / 21 oz
The following downloadable plans are only for non-commercial use:  
Rafale 1 40inch depron A0
Rafale 2 40inch depron A0
  A4 (TILED)
Rafale 1 40inch  depron A4
Rafale 2 40inch depron A4
Rafale 20" Wingspan     A Smaller 20" version  for 3mm Depron:  
Rafale 20inch depron plan A1
  A4 (TILED)
Rafale 20inch depron plan A4
"If you like the plans, and want to support me, feel free to donate $3,- to through Paypal ".

Clicking on his name will take you to his website in Netherlands, where "Prop-er" sells plans for depron models. They are worth a look.