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The website for RC model glider and power radio control model plane modelling community in the Irish Mountain slopes & coastal flying sites.
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VIDEO : Slope soaring over the sea with Aero-naut's Twinspeedy (motor version),  engines on at takeoff for a few seconds to get up and away, then pure (engine off) soaring for the rest of the flight.  LINK to VIDEO

VIDEO : What's special about  hotliners & hot gliders? They fly in strong winds that ground "normal" club nitro engine planes.   LINK to VIDEO

VIDEO : The discus launch -  DLGs (discus launch gliders) go height of a six floor building for mid-day flights during work lunchbreak!

VIDEO : A very large scale powered glider at Aspach, Germany- well worth a look

VIDEO : PSS (Power scale soaring) with fighters is great fun - no props or engines!

VIDEO : Flying wings - made of foam - the most in RC entertainment for the least cost

VIDEO : Power soaring with a Rödel Cessna trainer and an Aeronaut Geared 400 motor.

VIDEO : No slope? Here's how to hunt flat field thermals -  and then climb in a thermal