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Sorrel Hill, Lacken, near Blessington, Co Wicklow - South-west facing slope

Map Sorrel Hill Slope

Road from Lacken

The valley head

Fly from Sorrel Hill nearside slope in a south westerly.  The farside slope is steeper and gives better lift, is SW in places, and a bit more W - WNW facing at the top end, but is a few minutes walk from your car.  Sorrel Hill is used frequently by paragliders, and hang gliders. Usual safety rules apply ... if any hang glidera or paragliders are flying, give them a wide horizontal berth, and never, ever, fly over a manned aircraft !

Flying Wing flying over left side

Slope middle view

Eligo flying over Lacken side

Access from the Dublin - Blessington Road. Turn left at Golden Hill, 1 mile before Blessington, and drive round the east coastline of Poulaphouca Reservoir, until you come to the village of Lacken. There is a fork in Lacken, take the left side which proceeds up the mountain towards a "saddle" at the top. The road is right along the slope top. Stop anywhere the wind is right, or at the little picnic viewpoint turning area near the top.  If it is more west or north west, walk out from the road, to the far side of the valley to get the right angle of lift.

This is another major Irish slope for RC gliders and power soaring, and models of all types and sizes can be flown here. The slope lift is good and favours models with good penetration, or a medium airspeed.. The surroundings are very pleasant and as you can see from the photos, there is a beautiful view out over the Blessington lake.

 Please email me your info about where you fly, so I can include it..  n o r m _ f l y e r @ y a h o o . c o . u k