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Power Scale Soaring) Resource

The website for RC model glider and power radio control model plane modelling community in the Dublin, Wicklow and other Mountain slopes.
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Getting Started in Slope Soaring - The Equipment  We Use

Radio Controls Peaked Cap Anti Glare Sunglasses
Transmitter - eg MC-22 See into the Sun See better through the Glare
Model 1 - Glider Model 2 - Power Glider Model 3 - PSS
L-213  Glider "Daisy" type  Electric  Motor Glider Skyraider
Sport Wing  High Speed Hotliners Mustang

To begin slope soaring you must first obtain  suitable equipment. Obviously this includes a model plane. Suitable models are of the glider type, the powered glider type, WWII fighters and jets for PSS (Power Scale Soaring). Pictures of examples are shown above.
You will need a good radio transmitter and radio controls for the airframe.
Also required are polarized sunglasses and a peaked hat to enhance vision against bright skies.