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The website for RC model glider and power radio control model plane modelling community in the Irish Mountain slopes & coastal flying sites.
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What is Slope Soaring?

Slope soaring is the kind of model flying that is most suited to a windy climate, such as Ireland

If you look at Ireland and assume that a westerly breeze has to get across the country, then the wind must go up and over every hill it finds in its way...

We use this to our advantage.

We go the the side of a mountain facing the oncoming breeze. If we stand on the slope facing the wind, what is in front of us is a giant airy escalator that our planes can use to go upward without and need or an engine or propeller.

After our plane has climbed (soared) to a great height on this escalator of "uplift", we point the model downwards in a dive and build up great speed to fly our aerobatic maneouvers  with.  It is like a big rollercoaster but with model airplanes and speeds of 50 to 200 miles per hour.