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The website for RC model glider and power radio control model plane modelling community in the Dublin, Wicklow and other Mountain slopes.
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How to choose your model ....

Hand Launch Glider (HLG)  Power Glider PSS Fighter
Suits beginner, light winds. Good for thermal hunting and also "scratching for lift" when slope lift is marginal.
Lots of dihedral "vee-shape" on the wings makes this easier to fly than other types.
Can fly from flat ground with hand launch or a high start bungee.
The discus side-launch version is called  Longshot a wonderful plane made from laminated epoxy glass & carbon
Like the classic glider but with power and folding prop added.  When there is no lift this one still flies.
You can use the power to get home if you're "stranded" down in the valley at the bottom of the slope.
But most of all - you can fly from flat fields away from the slope. Just switch on the motor, launch, fly!
We like the Daisy as it is very suitable and also tough.
When the wind is really whistling by, you have a choice. Thinner wings (hot soarer) or shorter wings (PSS fighter).
The fighter cost less,  750 -1100mm span electric soaring ones are best.   Try Mustang, Me109, Focke Wulf 190, Skyraider, Kawasaki Ki-61 "Tony", Hawker Typhoon
Scale Glider Hot Fibreglass Soarers Aerobatic Flying Wing
 Modern scale sailplanes. Graceful, beautiful handling, efficiently flying even if there is only a breath of lift. Everyone should have at least one scale modern glider.
They are all sizes, 2 metre up to 5 meter wingspan!
Here is a Cappucino. Fredy is another. Sleek, efficient, and very fast. Nothing beats one of these for soaring in high winds. Speeds of over 150mph are no big deal for these kind of models. But they also can fly slow too for safe landings. This is a Sport Wing (light version) Flying wings are simple, cheap, very tough, and great fun.
Made of foam so as to easily repairable.
Wings become a workhorse for many days enjoyment in the sky.

To begin learning from a slope, just get a Daisy. It does everything you can do, is lively to fly, and will be lots of use later.  If you are learning as a flat field flier choose either Daisy power version, or Joy HLG.
A good move up from Joy is Daisy.
A good move up from Daisy could be PSS Skyraider, or Me109, or maybe a flying wing. You will eventually get both, because the wing gives more aerobatics, and the fighter gives more speed, and we all like a little of both kinds of flying !. If you want small and crazy, try a Mad Dog