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The website for RC model glider and power radio control model plane modelling community in Ireland's Mountain slopes & coastal flying sites.
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Locating a Good Slope

Slope soaring is a bit like surfing. All the "dudes" know where the waves are best for every direction and strength of wind.  this gives the beginner a problem. It is summarised like this : "Where can I go to find a good place to practise slope soaring near to where I live?".

The page called Irish Slopes  shows over fifty of the places I myself and my friends have flown gliders, power gliders and PSS fighters in Ireland. More detailed directions are available from the excellent model and hobby shop at Harolds Cross, Dublin called Green Hobby & Model, tel (01)-4928776

This is only a beginning however. While you are out flying, you will meet with the experienced soarers. Talk with them and learn more.....

Features that Make a Good Slope
Mountain Slopes - simply the best Dune Ridge at rear of Beach Coast Cliff or Headland Slope of a Dam eg the downstream side. Road, rail, & canal embankments where the road crosses surrounding lowland.

All of these features create slope lift in the right breeze. Note that if there is a flat area in front of the feature for the wind to sweep in undisturbed, so much the better. There will be laminar lift, and little turbulence. Lakes and sea are really brilliant to fly out over. Not because of the danger of landing in the water, of course there is that possibility - and that gives it a bit more thrills - it is because the lift will be lovely and smooth after coming over such terrain.