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Information About TMM« Controllers
TMM«  (Top Motor Management) high quality speed controllers and other RC model electronics .

TMM« controllers are designed for aircrafts, gliders, helicopters, race boats, cars, ships and submarines. All controllers are suitable for Li-Ion and Li-Pol batteries too. So if you upgrade your battery, you will not have to replace your controller.

Controllers of "Z-series", "EXPERT" and "Easy" lines are  programmable using transmitter and also programmable using your PC by USB cable. Also - if you purchase a "Z-series" controller you can download reading out the last flight data from controller into your PC.  "Z-series" controllers cooperate with Black Box BB_03.

TMM« Brushed Controllers  are suitable for all kinds of DC (direct-current) electric motors so long as you work within the maximum working currents and the number of cells of your motor.

Brushless TMM« Controllers  are designed for brushless sensorless electromotors such as e.g. Mega AC, Model motors, MP JET, PJS, █berall, Kontronik, Plettenberg, LRK, Hacker, Axi and others.

It does not matter to your TMM« Controller whether you are using an outrunner brushless motor or an inrunner brushless motor. Your controller will know what are the correct settings by sensing down the motor wires, and will operate correctly all by itself.




Reasons to buy TMM Speed Controllers:  

     Your model's electronic speed controller's programming when the  battery reaches its empty point  is very crucial regarding how it manages use of remaining power. When switching  the motor off at pre-set limit there is very little energy remaining for BEC to power receiver and servos. High quality batteries actually leave less energy (time) left for landing safely (nicad & nimh).
To deal with this problem, TMM ensures greater remaining power  ; it is also possible to modify its size in some model types (greater for gliders). This power reserve is insignificant as long as duration of running the motor is concerned, but it is very significant for feeding BEC to control the model. The reduction of motor rpm starts at the point when the motor power would be reducing due to rapidly falling battery voltage.
Your motor is capable of drawing the remaining energy from batteries very quickly indeed. This energy is therefore saved as a reservoir for BEC (that means for servos and receiver) of more adequate size. Simultaneously, the possibility of damage to weaker old battery packs caused by "deep discharge"  is reduced, giving longer battery lifespan..